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jamesames91 11-30-2012 07:43 AM

Im looking for a fleet!!!!!
I'm looking for a Fleet that is offering a good fleet advancement system. I have tons of resources and am very active player. U can pm me here or in game at James@jamesames91

cptdmil421 11-30-2012 08:19 AM

I'm not sure what you mean by a "good fleet advancement system." Personally, I was looking for a group where everyone was pretty much equal. Check out if that is of interest. If you want something different, then good luck to you.

vkfphoenixlord 11-30-2012 11:37 AM

Hello. Can you go into a little detail by good fleet advancement system?

defcon1776 12-02-2012 04:23 AM

Once you go 44th, you never go back... Just sayin...

sollvax 12-02-2012 04:34 AM

He means "donate X amount get promoted to Y rank"

some fleets work like corporations

troubil 12-02-2012 06:00 AM

Hi James,

As others have stated above, I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for in an advancement system.

In the Blacksheep, people with good attitudes will make their way up the ranks. Members who treat others with courtesy, are active in the game, participate and help others will likely be offered a seat on our Fleet Council given enough time. Also, a good sense of humor never hurts! Our advancement system is based on a person's attitude and how they treat others within the game.

Hope you find what you're looking for, and that you're enjoying the game!

saunders230uk 12-02-2012 10:21 AM

try our fleet -the final frontier- we are a small friendly fleet always looking for new members. you can contact me in game johnny@saunders230

cotp0maurafey 12-05-2012 10:45 PM

Hi There,

Tides of War is a long standing fleet of old timers and new players, we are interested in recruiting a few more active members, we are not looking for rapid expansion of useless alts, only main characters of active players.

We have forums: and our own voice comms server.

Look for Tides of War Fleet in game, contact a recruiter online, and or send me a message in game. We'd like to talk to you on our Team Speak server for an interview.

Our Fleet is mostly North American Timezone and on in the evenings.


hugereddog 12-06-2012 12:37 AM

Hi James, Feel free to take a look at our Site, just click the banner at the Bottom of the Page!

"The FSOG is focused on achieving excellence in all aspects of STO. Our intent is to establish a well rounded Fleet capable of completing the Toughest STF's and other endgame content, whilst also laying siege to our opponents in PvP. We are passionate about Team Play and conduct weekly Missions as a group, with a Dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server being available for that very reason. Our base of highly skilled players has worked together in game for nearly 3 years and knows what it takes to get the job done!

If you are interested in becoming a member of FSOG then proceed to our publicly accessible forum and read up on our Fleet Rules and Information, so that you become familiar with our play style. If you feel that the FSOG is the Fleet for you then please fill in an Application at our recruitment Section!

Good luck and Welcome!


Your'e a Member, Not a Number!"

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