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guadian412a 11-30-2012 02:33 PM

Under the Cover of Night - Extremely buggy and broken
Under the Cover of Night is the first extremely buggy and broken mission that with I encountered. The problem is, it's not for the rank of Commander as its advertised, and while it's not hard, but its extremely flustrating for Captain tier as well.

#1: Too many Orion ships, around 20-25+. Half of them are Cruisers what is taking a long time to fall, even if you're flying with a well armed and upgraded Defiant (Which is for Captain rank. I'm curious how do you complete this mission with a lower tier ship, or how much time does it take.).
#2: There is an elite turret somewhere at the middle, what is more resistant than a Borg Tactical Cube. However you may ignore it as it does not fire at all. It just have a Borg Cube like shield, making it pretty resistant to quantum torpedos and dual phasers.
#3: The first part is taking about 30+ minutes to complete, while it's becaming very repetative, because of the number of those pesky ships and out of nowhere fighters, which are highly outnumbering us. Maybe the length wouldn't be a problem if the mission wouldn't be broken in the third part (See below.).
#4: The Den of Thieves sub-mission is the first buggy part. T'Pal doesn't beam out as it was told in the storyline, but she is standing where she is and the game is even giving an option to speak with her (Of course, it has no use.).
#5: The third part, which is making the mission broken. You complete the mission. You defeat the Romulans, you get the "Hooray, you did a good job! Depart the system!" speech. You even get all the achievements. And as you depart the system... you have the option to start it again as you can't turn the mission in at all as seemingtly the departing is making the mission auto-failure, like if you would abort it in the meantime. So you have the chance to make this about 50 minutes long hell once again.

Summary: I loved all the missions of Season 1 and had no problems with any of them, but this mission is a complete junk (With the exception of the storyline as I enjoyed that part.). This mission is very long, unnecessarily hard, and for exchange it's extremely buggy and completely broken.

guadian412a 12-01-2012 03:18 AM

A little update as I made this mission for the second round, this time with a fresh and rested mind, and this time without any problem. Seemingly something during the second or the third part may have caused the aforementioned glitch as right now I played on a different path.

#1, I avoided all the Orion ships and the first part wasn't flustrating anymore. So the level of the difficulty is good. You just have to use your mind, something what I didn't do yesterday.
#2, This time T'Pal beamed out in the second part, without any glitch.
#3, In the third part yesterday I believe the problem was that I used the Depart System button on the hud instead of the Dialogue Depart System button on the left. Seemingly this is causing the mission failure as the Depart System Button near the map and the dialogue Depart System Button is giving two different results (Mission failed if you use the button near the map and Mission accomplished if you use the dialogue button depart.).

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