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monkeybone13 11-30-2012 11:36 PM

Enemies too close to transporter on New Romulus
I use the transporter at the Staging Area to go to the Mountain Pass to do the cave daily mission. Upon spawning on the transporter there I was immediately attacked by 2 separate groups of 2 romulan/tal shiar at the same time. Each group had a Subcommander. I was killed TWICE before I could defeat them. The enemies there wander too close to that transporter and catch players by surprise all the time.

Screen shot taken after a couple more spawned to show how close they get. They get slightly closer than in the screen shot actually. I also noticed the enemies in the Mountain Pass area respawn a lot faster now. Maybe 10-15 seconds after defeating a group.

I also noticed the Romulan Geologist's health was down a little and there were a few wild Epohhs running around with low health. I'm guessing they are taking damage from the tal shiar/romulan's grenades.

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