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croupboi 12-02-2012 04:48 AM

Error 530
Since the season 7 patch whenever i try to zone anywhere.. whether it be a new mission map or stf.. anything, the load freezes and then the game crashes and i get the msg error 530..
Cryptic i would like you to show some effort.. for a game thats been around as long as sto has been it shouldnt be anywhere near as buggy as it is.. personally i believe you are killing what could be a fantastic game.. but with constant problems your driving people away


stop counting your cash and bringing out new ways to get money off us and instead put your efforts in to fixing the existing game please.
I have played this game since beta because i love star trek and STO used to be a good game. All i can say to finish off is the game quality is declining with every patch

jlebeck 12-02-2012 02:07 PM

I'm averaging about 5-6 minutes of gameplay before the brakes get put on and I can't move anywhere or interact with anything easily. I then have to log out and restart the PC. It's taken me 45 minutes to change the costumes on 9 BOFFS this evening which by anybody's standards is pretty appalling. Might ask for a refund on the Vesta I can't use properly.:mad:

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