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rickysmith1 12-03-2012 03:02 PM

Photonic Life
Exploring the STO Galaxy I came across the Ra'Kholh System within the Vendor Sector.
Here Holograms have created their own society/colony with the help of the Soong Foundation, here is the Description:

A Class-C world covered in a thick layer of ice, Ra'kholh was considered uninhabitable until 2391, when a group of photonic lifeforms settled on the world: The holograms run a research center in a series of domed habitats, each of which has been completely equipped with holoprojectors.

The current leader of the colony is Doctor Marius, a former Starfleet EMH Mark I who was liberated from a dilithium mine in the Sirius Sector with the help of activists from the Soong Foundation.

My Question is, will we ever get to see this new world, perhaps as the next Adventure Zone with Hirogen threats?
Anyones Thoughts or ideas on this? :D

Link: Ra'kholh System

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