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simonec1 12-04-2012 08:14 AM

ship items cruisers
what are best consoles, deflectors weapons engines and sheild for cruisers??

hereticknight085 12-04-2012 03:00 PM

That depends on what kind of cruiser you want to run. Tanking cruisers run different sets than DPS cruisers. Science cruisers run different setups from those.

Tanking Cruisers tend to run the full MACO set or the Borg Set with shields, deflectors and engines, and tend to go either 8 BAs, or 7 BAs and 1 torp. Basically tank cruisers MUST have threat control. And BFAW. Helps a lot. As consoles go, tactical consoles are the same for all 3 classes, energy damage boosters. However engineering consoles change. On the tanking one, I would run 4 neutroniums or 3 neutroniums and 1 monotanium. As science consoles go, field emitters or field generators.

DPS cruisers tend to run either the full Borg set or the full Omega set. As weapons go, a common setup is single cannons and turrets, or DBBs and a torp on the front and 3 BAs on the back, and a torp. As engineering consoles go, 2 neutroniums and an EPS flow regulator, plus and RCS. That will give you boosted move and power controls. As science goes, again, a field generator, or shield emitter array.

Just some basic builds, you can perfect them on your own.

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