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captainrevo1 12-04-2012 03:14 PM

2 smaller issues with the foundry.
Looks like the major foundry bug is now fixed (woot) but I have noticed a couple of issues with it while testing.

1) the beam in animation for contacts does not always seem to work. very hit and miss these days. The contact will just appear instead of the animation going off.

2) enemy mobs are now named after the cosutume, not the original actor.

So for example. Take a borg ground mob, before if you gave the elite tactical drone a new costume, like Armek for example, it would look like Armek but still be called an 'elite tactical drone' unless you specifically renamed it. This was important as it left the player know what was under the costume, and how they should fight it.

Now however the actor is named after the costume itself. So the elite drone not only looks like Armek, it is called Armek as well. To make matters worse some of the costume names are very rough. some of them are called things like 'borg drone Voy 2371' or 'raid boss STF' or something along those lines.

This means players have to rename every mob they reskin so the names dont look to silly, or out of place and it stops the player from knowing what they are fighting underneath.

rogueeenterprise 12-04-2012 05:58 PM

Regarding your #1, ideally the way to fix this is to actually have a feature added where you can pick spawn/despawn animations for all contacts and NPC groups, with the fed beam in/out being the default.

With #2, haven't run across this yet so I'll have to play with it.

captainrevo1 12-05-2012 02:05 AM

Looking at my missions it does not seem to be a huge issue.

most of the actors you reskin you probably would have renamed anyway so not an issue. it will affect anyone who you have reskined to look slightly different but still be the same type and felt no need to rename. ie with the borg.

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