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snipe048 12-04-2012 07:39 PM

Small Fleets are dying "Cryptic heres how to save them"
Lately lots of the smaller fleets have been doing nothing for their progression such as mine and others have just closed up shop fed up with the excessive grinding needed for fleetmarks.

We need a the officer of the watch to actually give us a reward worth our time, say 50 -60 fleetmarks a day, that would be small help to our fleets. Another way is for a fleetmark exchange or conversion system such as use fleet Credits, or EC, or Dilithium to buy fleetmarks. You already did something like this with Doffs so why can't you do it with Fleetmarks?

Anyone else have a suggestion post it here, maybe one of the devs will see it and get inspired to throw us a bone or two.

foundrelic 12-04-2012 07:51 PM

Here's a better idea.

First, Shut down the ability to create fleets for a while.

Second, offer an incentive for small fleets to disband into larger fleets, OR create a way for fleets to merge that allows provisions and Fleet EXP to be pooled into the new fleet.

atomictiki 12-04-2012 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by foundrelic (Post 6933071)
Here's a better idea.

First, Shut down the ability to create fleets for a while.

Second, offer an incentive for small fleets to disband into larger fleets, OR create a way for fleets to merge that allows provisions and Fleet EXP to be pooled into the new fleet.

F large fleets. If I wanted to be a nameless faceless number, I'd be in one already. I like(d) my small fleet, we were comrades in arms and it was fun.

stormbringer77 12-04-2012 08:45 PM

Proportional project costs would be an easy way to revitalise smaller fleets. Let's face it, the prohibitive costs of the projects are what kills fleets. 200,000 Dilithium is nothing for fleets with 200+ ACTIVE members, but if you're in a fleet with only 50 members project costs should be proportional, i.e, 50,000.

No fleet loses out because the rewards are the same for all, with costs per fleet members being the same.

Just my 2 cents worth.

darramouss1 12-04-2012 08:45 PM

I have a small fleet and wouldn't abandon mine to join a larger one. Why? Because I have already invested FAR too much in to it. To say good bye to it all is something I'm not prepared to do.

That being said, I think I remember reading that balancing measures for small fleets is being considered. I suppose, for now, all we can do is watch for updates...

dariusmajere 12-04-2012 10:47 PM

Small fleets are NOT supposed to be flying threw projects. This was by design and stated in multiple Q&A's before the launch of season 6. The problem with the small fleets and i had the same issue in my head was that we are trying to keep pace with the big boys. The starbases were not designed that way. A solid group of 50 active players dedicated towards starbase construction was supposed to average 7 months till tier 5. Smaller fleets were supposed to average a YEAR AND A HALF to TWO YEARS to hit tier 5. This was again by design stated by cryptic devs and DStahl. This information has been blatantly out there. Small fleets need to CALM DOWN and STOP trying to keep pace with the big boys out there. We are not supposed to be able to keep up with them. If you are a fleet of 3-5 players, you are not really a fleet.. Your a squad. Blatant truth. Fleets are large groups of people. Sorry if this stings a little. Cryptic has been changing requirements and drop rates to keep with this time frame for fleets. You read the changes in the patch notes as they come out. Alot of us smaller fleets are way above schedule. I know some small fleets unwrapping the shiny tier 4 starbases. Same pace as the big boys. It's called dedication and HARD WORK I know the work thing is a bad thing to state in games, but if all games were simple, quick and easy alot of us would be looking for a challenge somewhere else.

snipe048 12-05-2012 12:05 AM

I'm not going to reply to flame posts.

We're not asking cryptic to change the fleet system so we can keep up with the big fleets, all we're asking is for cryptic to throw us a bone in getting fleetmarks.

I'll admit i used the 1 click foundry mission on a few alts to get the 50 marks per character, "the dil was nice too but not the deal maker".

Seriously most of the complaints would go away if the officer of the watch rewarded 50 marks. I cannot see how this would break anything.

timelord79 12-05-2012 12:23 AM

The groups of players in this game are only called "Fleets" because we have a spaceship theme going on here.
In gaming terms we are a Guild. where does it say you need a minimum number beyond 2-3 players to constitute a Guild.
Ok, call it 5 players, minimum number to start one.

A guild is a varying number group of players who joined roster to make it easier to coordinate their mutual interests and activities.
Sometimes because they are friends from real life or the game, sometimes for similar larger picture goals (like the starbase, or rather the exclusive benefits of the guild housing).

If you take the Fleet out of the Guild, having a high number of at least 50 members, starts sounding a bit less reasonable.

It invalidates all the other reasons a bit, because if you are still a small but merry band of friends, you are locked out of the number one endgame achievement for a long time.

If you give in and join a mega fleet, where you are a faceless number and expendable, the guild becomes it's own purpose and you start to "work" for the guild to get a shiney every now and then.
With the current system, Cryptic has not created Guild fleets, they have created Corporate fleets.
Lived Capitalism.

It makes sense, because the whole purpose behind the starbases was to monetize them, so it's kind of natural, that the starbases became Cryptic subsidiaries.

pigeonofclay 12-05-2012 01:04 AM

Perhaps they should do away with fleets altogether.

In the words of Khan Noonan Singh: "We are one big, happy fleet!".

Combine all fleets into "Star Fleet" and have done with them. Then every member can contribute to adding stuff to existing Starbases and have their ships built at Mars.


dariusmajere 12-05-2012 01:15 AM

Regardless of how you wish to deem yourself fleets/guilds both are still gaming terms. The fleets are all going ahead of the deemed schedules. People need to stop complaining and be happy. But being a game forum i know that will not occur. Small fleets are way ahead of the time frames curve and should be happy for that. Not complaining for more. Hell only thing that slowed my fleets to a crawl was that bartender assignment... Dropped 120 mil on that idiot only for it to get made rediculously easy recently. Tier requirements got slashed also majorly. Doffs are back to being cheap on the market and fleet mark boosters added, fleet doffs as well now. I have over 3 mil donation on my fed fleet and slightly overr 2 mil on my kdf being the main pushr of our small fleet. I wish we had these requirments when fleets first dropped.i would be well into tier 4! Do your doff assignments use the cxp person on the base. Do the flark events properly hell hit nakura and defra up with the hard missions daily get good quick flarks out of it, use the events to your benefit. It's not rocket science to keep tabs moving. Nor does being in large fleets just make you a number.whether you are building tabs in a large fleet or a small fleet you are still working to get it done. Only you yourself make you a unseen member. If you stand out then you are not just a drone. Just like in real life, you make or break your success and your visibilty.

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