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stormbringer77 12-04-2012 08:22 PM

29th Tactical Recon Fleet recruitment
The 29th Tactical Recon fleet are recruiting!

All classes/races/genders are welcome in our medium size fleet, and everyone from STO addicts to casual players are equally welcome. We run regular fleet events for all levels and assistance is always available for fellow fleet members.

Fleet contributions are voluntary, all we ask is that you donate whatever you can spare. Our starbase is well developed and provisioned.

Promotion in the 29th is regular and is based purely on members taking an active role within the fleet, i.e, fleet chat, event attendance, etc. The size of your bank/dilithium balance plays no part in determining your fleet rank.

Applicants do not have to join any websites/forums, as all fleet communication/interaction is handled in-game.

If you're looking for a friendly/active but easygoing fleet we might be just what you're looking for! To join the 29th Tactical Recon all you need to do is drop Admiral Alisha an in-game message at: Alisha@TheLostDude and ask for an invite OR you can search for the 29th Tactical Recon Fleet and ask to join that way (all our fleet members can invite new members).

We look forward to upholding the federation's principles with you!

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