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monkeybone13 12-04-2012 08:42 PM

Vault Shuttle event still has 30 minute cooldown
Why? FFS.

There is only ONE Vault Shuttle event and we can only do it about twice during the 1 hour event for extra Romulan Marks.

Why is there still a timer on this? It's still hard to get past that second room and actually COMPLETE the mission. After failing I have to sit there and wait to enter it again, in which case there won't be enough time to complete it, if we can actually succeed, before the 1 hour event for extra Romulan Marks is over. It's completely pointless.

It specifically states that you have to use a shuttle or fighter for the 1 hour event.

Proof there is a cooldown timer. Edit: You can see the amount of time I have to wait to enter and the clock on the mini map in the top right of the screen. Once the cooldown is over there would be 3 minutes before the 1 hour event for extra marks is over and it would probably take that long just to get into the mission, and a lot more than 3 minutes to complete it, if we actually can. I did the event once and entered about 7 minutes after it had started at 8:00pm.

There is only ONE mission in the PVE queue that requires a shuttle or other small craft and that is the Vault Shuttle event.

Either remove the cooldown timer during the 1 hour event, or just remove the event from the rotation completely. There already is a 1 hour event for extra Romulan/Omega marks and that would cover the other PVE queues that reward Romulan marks. So even having this 1 specific event for an hour is completely pointless and stupid.

warpangel 12-05-2012 03:36 AM

The vault shuttle event is worthless. Extra romulan marks? That's what the rep marks event is for. They should put a new unique reward in for vault shuttle, so there is some point to actually doing it. As it is, there is no practical reason to even have a shuttle anymore.

macrican 12-05-2012 07:59 AM

I love flying shuttles and the one fighter I have. LOVE IT!, however, I do have to admit that the the 30 minute cool down is aggravating. there was no cool down in the past when we were going for datalogs during the one hour event. I could easily get four runs going on in there (granted maybe only one would be successful, but that's ok) and I had fun with it. but now it seems like the only time anyone ever queues up for the mission is during the event and then you have to wait for a possible second run. If there were more shuttle missions, I probably wouldn't care as much, but that timer has to go or at least have a much smaller cool down (like a minute or two).

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