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humblesheep 12-05-2012 05:12 AM

Zen value will continue to fall, Dilithium will continue to rise.
The current exchange value of the Zen to Dilithium will continue to fall, levelling off for a while at about 100, (probably when the STFers who cashed out at the end of Season 6 dump their Dilithium mountains.) before dropping again till it settles around 60 to 75 - I predict.

Why, because for all the little Dilithium bonuses Cryptic have restored since Season 7 went live (first the STF, then the Reputation costs and rewards), they have not addressed the real issue, which is the massive increase in Dilithium sinks (ipp doff costs and having to pay for STF weapons and items).

Unless Cryptic flood the entire player base with heaps of Dilithium (their current tactic of feeding back small Dilithium concessions is neither working, nor will it ever work), few of the Free-to-Play players (who are the main Dilithium sellers), will want to exchange their Dilithium, simply because they now need it all to spend on their toons. And hence, the value of Dilithium must continue to rise.

For new players, upgrading their doffs, first to green and upwards to purple, is one of the best ways to get a steady income of Dilithium (also Energy Credits and useful items). Quite simply for Dilithium (other than via contraband) you need Resolve and you cant buy either Resolve doffs or good doffs unless you have heaps of cash, which by definition, being new, you dont. The massive Dilithium cost to upgrade doff makes this path all but impossible except for the Dilithium rich.

Now when I go the Zen store, Dilithium store or the exchange and buy something, I expect to a) get it, and b) pay for it (rather obvious - but please bear with me), when I play 20 odd missions to get enough chips (or points) for an item I do not want to a) also pay for it, and b) not get it for 2 days (and it is 2 days, if you have a first life).

Now I dont think that I am being greedy here, I think that it is perfectly fair to either pay for something or (to use an unfortunately common term) grind for it. I do not think that we all should have to grind, pay - and wait!

The Game
What is a game? (again, please bear with me). Game are things people do for fun, that fun is different for each person, some like to build their starbases (personally, I dont - the cost to reward seems much to high), but others of you do and I hope that it is rewarding for you. Some people like to play hours on end day after day, again thats great for those of you who do. And others play for a few hours, a few days per week (probably most of us).

(and my point)
It is Cryptics job to make the game enjoyable for everyone and each persons choice of playing style, thats what the game is there for (Please remember, it is A GAME - and only, evermore, just a game). It may be a hard balancing act, and I do understand that they need to make money, but every change they make should be made to make the game more enjoyable for each type of player. This is basic economics for any company that runs any kind of service.

And as many have said before me (so I'm not laboring it in this post), the grind, whats with the grind, this is a game for (state your deity now)s sake, its supposed to be fun, and not just for those with massive disposable hours, fun for everyone! So many of the Season 7 changes make the average person want to play less, not more.

And what will happen
Less players, Gold account holder numbers and Zen sales drop, so less money and eventually the game becomes uneconomical and folds. I love playing this game and will be very sad when its gone.

The Solution - please Cryptic
Quite simply, drop the Dilithium requirements for the entire Reputation system and earned items, we dont even need the Dilithium drops/rewards if we dont need to spend it for the earned items (unless, of course, you really need to give us Dilithium so that we can sell it on the exchange).

Drop all the time gated times to zero or something trivial, does it really add anything to the game playing fun for anyone to wait days for things. OK so some people will put in colossal hours of play to get it all now - so what? Good luck to them. I wont, most people wont (or cant, because they dont have the time), - but does this hurt anyone?

Return the Dilithium costs for the doff exchange system to Season 6 levels, what does it matter to you (or your profits - if that is the driver) if people can upgrade all the way to purple doffs? Toons will level up slightly faster, have more cash and the exchange prices will fall a bit, but will that spoil the game economy?

The Result
Everyone will have a little more, wait a little less, the economics will change slightly, but there will be more fun. People will be happy, they will want to play more, they will tell their friends and they will want to play too, the exchange will level out (not to my personal benefit - please note), Zen will be worth spending cash on, you sell everyone nice things for extra cash and you will make more money.

Does it matter how fast starbases or embassys are built? or how quickly toons level up? or whether so-and-so gets all his Mk12 gear in a week? What matters is that more people play the game and enjoy it.

Surely, it is that simple, isn?t it?

bluedarky 12-05-2012 05:35 AM

Nice post, now for the reality of the situation.

Cryptic will now embark on a game of distract with shinies starting with the 35 day December Event. This will take us up to the middle of January at which point they'll start feeding us info on the Featured Episode due in Feduary, this will last until mid March at which point Season 8 will hit the test server, most likely with the announcement of reduced dilithium prices in the Reputation system and more ways to earn it.

dariusmajere 12-05-2012 05:38 AM

Some of this I agree with, and some I don't. I like the way they handled the STF store. tho Some of the cool downs do need to be reduced. I don't think I would See an Omega Force waiting to get handed his new rifle a few days or even a few hours when the quadrant needs saving. But now that everything is down to an Exact science for the most Part and not just dumb Luck, I do like. After the last change to Dilithium, I Love it. Sure we lost the Officer Reports, BUT I get more dilithium now per hour then ever Before. You just need to figure out how on your own. I am maxing my refinement Per toon quicker then ever which means less time for me having to spend on the game.

The Dilithium Requirements for Stuff out of the STF/ Romie Store Need Adjusting Mk X needs to be Cut, Mk XI needs to be cut, Honestly Leave MK XII Alone, End game gear should not be cheap. Specialty Consoles should not be cheap either. Also reduce the wait time for unlocking the stores. Counter that by Making it longer on Projects/upgrades if you have to, but getting an item there should not be a wait.

humblesheep 12-05-2012 05:40 AM

Thanks bluedarky.

One has to try, if just once.

sheppardus 12-05-2012 05:41 AM

From all of this all I have actually managed to get point wise is that you are unhappy with having to pay with Dilithium for Reputation items and for upgrading Doffs.

You say that cryptic won't be out of pocket with reducing the amount of Dilithium to S6 levels, You do realise that the more people upgrade doffs for little to no cost, the less Duty Officer Packs they are likely to sell...

New players/toons shouldn't have the ability to have purple quality officers straight away, work your way through the Assignment Chains to get access to purple doffs and Officer exchange assignments where you can and will get officers with Resolve trait.

I believe the changes to the price to upgrade Doffs was because people were buying White doffs cheaply from the exchange or getting them using fleet credits from the starbase and upgrading the lot

You are not forced to buy Zen with your Dilithium, nor are you forced to spend your Dilithium on starbase projects or reputation items, if you think the costs are too high don't buy

allocater 12-05-2012 06:10 AM

I agree that the price will drop. But maybe Cryptic wants it that way? If not, they will adjust something, I am sure. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

snipe048 12-05-2012 06:15 AM

when the price falls under 100 dilithium per zen, no one in there right mind would use the exchange unless they were really desperate.

adrianm63 12-05-2012 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by snipe048 (Post 6938211)
when the price falls under 100 dilithium per zen, no one in there right mind would use the exchange unless they were really desperate.

go check champions online.There are times there when the rare is 55 per zen :rolleyes:

xantris 12-05-2012 06:27 AM

The farther it falls, the better. That's just easy Zen.

I'd say the biggest reason is that there isn't anything worth buying in the Zen store. There is very little demand for Zen right now, and there probably won't be til the next Lockbox ship & the Andorian ship is released.

I also make Zen as fast if not faster than I did previously with the new turn-in quests activated.

dariusmajere 12-05-2012 06:30 AM

Dilithium will Skyrocket back up once players stop panicking and realize that the last patch It became even faster then s6 to get dilithium. You just need to figure out how.

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