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benj2293 12-05-2012 10:45 AM

Bortasqu' Battlecruiser Bridge Location Error
I bought the Bortasqu' pack back in October, a few days ago i went to the bridge and had a look around and noticed through the windows where it was on the ship. It is quite far back, about mid way along the nacelle pylons. after I beamed up I looked for it on the model to see if you can see the windows but saw nothing. This is an obvious graphical error as the original bortas had a command section at the rear, but the Bortasqu' has the Hoh'sus docked at the rear with an armoured shelter for its hull, but no bridge for the ship. I find it hard to believe the bridge would be on the Bird of Prey as it is detachable. Images are as followed.

Ship Top Down View:
Ship Side view:
Bridge Forward View:
Bridge Side view:

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