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jormunrek 12-06-2012 07:00 PM

To Atrox or not to Atrox...
I know from reading that there are many that really think the Atrox failed as a full on carrier for feds but is it still fun to fly?

Armitage only has one hangar so I don't consider it a "real" carrier. It's about as carrier-like as my Vestas.

I enjoyed my Qu'Vov and absolutely lub my Kar'Fi to bits, so would do you think I would enjoy the Atrox on fed side? Tholian carrier is out of the question as I will never have the cash for it. All my money gets gobbled up with rep and fleet (hehe fleet = 2-3 people) projects.

I enjoy my Vesta on my Fed Sci but really enjoy my Kar'Fi on my KDF Sci. Now I know that the Atrox is not the same creature as the Kar'Fi.

But is it fun to fly?

I figure the stalkers or whatever they are called could be my orion slavers but not sure what fed carrier pets would feel similar to the Adv. frigates.

Requesting additional input and opinions on the Atrox please before I make my final decision to dump that much zen. =)


azerdraco 12-06-2012 07:21 PM

The Atrox is one of those ships that people laugh and poke fun at ... until they are on the receiving end of abuse from someone who knows how to use it.

The Atrox accels in the role of controller tank. You have Boff power slots for dual GW and dual TB. If you place Doffs correctly, you are looking at some SERIOUS control spam. If you use the correct hangar pets for the situation, the Atrox becomes deadly.

I have PERSONALLY witnessed a single Atrox and Defiant take 2 cruisers / 2 escorts in PvP and walk away with only 1 death on the carrier team's side. They used good communication and teamwork to dismantle their opponents, simply by the carrier holding one opponent at a time still while the Defiant came in on an Alpha strike. The pet spam was just there for added insult and to make the enemy targetting sensors overload.

Awesome ship, but don't expect to be a DPS god in it. Leave that to the escort that is hunting in your wake. 'Nuff Said.

reginamala78 12-06-2012 10:41 PM

Why though? If you already have the Voquv and Karfi, do you really need the same ship again on your Fed side? If you do, then go for it, i'm just unsure as to what you're spending $25 on that you don't already have.

mustafatennick 12-07-2012 02:02 AM

I have all three dedicated carriers

It could be because im not a sci but I could not pull the atrox off

My voquv is a machine massive dmg from adv.bop's and able to lay some decent fire down itself with a Lcmdr tac Boff

From what I've seen of most sit-ups out there the atrox sucks in pve if you want to be a player that holds somebody in place whilst another person does the damage then go for it but if you want to do actual damage and complete missions by yourself save your money and wait n see if something pops up in the z/c store that screams I must have you

Lets face it you can grav well and tractor beam donatra as much as you want but unless somone "brings the rain" as it were she ain't just gunna commit Star Trek suicide

(These opinions are based on pve as I don't pvp much)

dlmystic 12-07-2012 02:30 AM

ok so i own atrox voquv kar'fi and have compaired the atrox and voquv on my engineers. Who have the exact same build. When I finished and checked the log the voquv was 300 dps lower than my atrox. Atrox running adv peregrines voquv running adv bop. Atrox can tank but looses agro if not given time to grab it. My voquv runs in and volleys quick while shutting down sub systems and noone pulls agro off unless its another engineer with more tac slots avalible on a cruiser. They are really good ships if you take the time to learn them. My atrox's can do probe duty or Kang duty, heck ive even ran arround poping cubes and clearing sides in kase. learn the weaknesses then use them as advantages. Ever seen a atrox turn about and face an escort :P when you figure that out you will be ready for this ship :)

momaw 12-07-2012 03:20 AM

I'd just like to say just one thing. And it is: Recluse.

Recluse versus Atrox:

Hull: Recluse (43500 versus 40500)

Shields: Recluse (1.35 versus 1.2)

Turn rate: Recluse (5.5 versus 5.0)

Consoles: Recluse (2 tac, 4 eng, 4 science, versus 2 tac, 3 eng, 4 science)

BOFF layout: Recluse, for 90% of possible builds
LTC Engineer versus LTC engineer
LTC science versus LTC science
CMD Universal versus CMD Science
EN tactical versus LT tactical
EN science versus --

....So basically the recluse changes 1 "hard" slot from tactical to science, but you get a universal commander which I think is actually unique outside of Birds of Prey. You have a LOT of options here. Recluse with a commander engineer is an unkillable fortress/heavy flight deck cruiser, while slotting a commander tactical gives you some exciting potential with APB and the awe-inspiring "heavy disruptor" version of the thermionic torpedo. And, of course, you can throw in a science guy to fill the same role as the Atrox is forced to from birth.

Does the Atrox offer anything at all? Well, yes. The biggest thing is the advanced stalkers. These fighters are very mean. None of the pets that the Recluse can use, not even the Widows it comes with, will quite measure up. And the Atrox has nicer power bonuses: It gives +5 power to shields and +10 to aux, compared to the Recluse's odd +5 power to engines and +5 to aux.

Still. Between its better durability, universal commander slot, and 10th console slot, you need a very specific reason to not choose Recluse over the Atrox.

marc8219 12-07-2012 05:51 AM

Atrox, $25 for a ship with slightly worse boff layout and other stats pretty much same as free Voquv, and with no high dps pets like the Voquv BOP refits. I guess if you only play a Fed and want to try a carrier get it, but if you have KDF and Fed characters why bother with it.
Even more reason not to use Atrox if you have a Karfi or Recluse.

caelrassto 12-07-2012 07:52 AM

I've got both the Atrox and the Recluse, and here's my take.

The Recluse is a much more powerful carrier. It's faster, more maneuverable, flexible BO layout, and the widow fighters are pretty darn good and don't cost extra dil. They're excellent against stationary unshielded targets in STFs. I actually think they're better DPS than peregrines although that's just a feel and not hard numbers. I saw a post saying that the beams are more powerful against stationary targets since the weapons are in arc more than peregrines with the dual cannons. Maybe that's it.

I still like flying the Atrox though. I like the BO layout better if you want to go strong science (Cdr Sci, LtC Sci, LtC Eng, Lt Tac vs. Cdr Sci, LtC Sci, LtC Eng, Ens Sci, Ens Tac, little too much sci and only one Ens Tac for my tastes). I think the Atrox is a much prettier ship, and the engine noise on the Recluse annoys me.

Yeah, not very strong stat reasons to fly the Atrox, but I'm happy flying it. I fly both whenever the mood suits.

ussultimatum 12-07-2012 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by jormunrek (Post 6970581)
I enjoyed my Qu'Vov and absolutely lub my Kar'Fi to bits, so would do you think I would enjoy the Atrox on fed side? Tholian carrier is out of the question as I will never have the cash for it. All my money gets gobbled up with rep and fleet (hehe fleet = 2-3 people) projects.

You seem to like carriers, so there is a good chance you would enjoy it.

I think the one thing that will be very different is that the Atrox is very focused on support.

It only has a single Tac Lt, unlike the Karfi and Vo'Quv which have more tac slots.

The Atrox is a great support/heal/tank - the Recluse is better but you mentioned that's out of your price range.

If you don't PvP the benefits for the Recluse are going to be largely irrelevant to you, PvP is where the Recluse really shines IMO.

kylesal24 12-07-2012 09:21 AM

As one of the top Atrox users. I can say it is fun to fly. Also, as someone said above, it gets laughed at, until you blow them up with it. It is the strongest carrier the Feds get. The recluse is worse because the BOFF is horrible. Now, my DPS build rivals escorts on damage output. Plus, the Atrox can tank almost anything. So yes, get the Atrox, and I can post my build if you want.


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