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dariusmajere 12-08-2012 04:58 AM

Sto had a good run
Sadly While looking at Star Trek and Talking with our Friends On TeamSpeak.. I have noticed Something about my Favorite Game... It's Going to be Getting Cancelled Soon... the Rumored Season 8.. will Never happen.. CBS will Block it from coming out.. Afterall.. It Can't have a Multiplayer Game Last more Seasons then any of it's Shows. So we Must Enjoy this Last season while We can..Before it Alas Get's Cancelled..

Fear Not tho.. In 4-8 years (or 35) A New Star Trek Online will Appear.. A Rebooted Star Trek Online.. With a New Cast Of people playing the roles of our Developers Trying to do the same thing but better...

Dan Stahl will Wind up Played By Jim Parsons
BranFlakes Will Get played By Johnny Galecki
Our Loved Borticus will be Re-envisionedwith Hugh Laurie
The Wonderful Lady Zeronious Will be Casted by Tina Fey to maintain her awesomness
John Cleese will be doing Taco..
Heretic will be played by Rowan Atkinson... He has an Idea for PVP.. Just has no way of expressing to the rest how to get it to work to the rest of the cast...

In Order for This Reboot to work.. It will take on an even Greater role of JJ Trek. Less Parts of the Game to make you think And more Flashy Explosions and improved Space and Combat. Sadly Tho.. Most Will Argue that the original Was better... Yet this Revisioning will bring in more Money At least in the short run..

The Cast will Try to handle things in the bestest of Ways.. Since no one can figure out the True Speeds of Warp,, Transwarp Engines will by normal in this Game. Instead Of traveling and Exploring all our Zones will Instantly be Traveled to.. Further Taking on the Microtransaction market.. Each Move to a new Location Would Require Energy and the cost of energy would be set by the Distance.. More energy would be Purchased By Zen..

Trying to handle the Complaints of the previous run the Klingon Faction will be rolled into the Federation as the War has come to the end and a new yet old enemy Brought back that had no suprise as All... an "Physically Enhanced" Borg would appear.. Spurred by the Season 7 Imaging they used this Borg would Cater To the Majority Player Base.. More skin Less Canon.

The Reputation System Gets Revamped Once Again in this Reboot. While Maintaining The Main Gist of the System a new Addition of upgrading and leveling it up will Exist in the Form of " Section 31 requisitions" These Are purchasable by large amounts of Zen to speed up the process so the player does not have to wait as long to Defend the Federation.

The Tholians Harrassing the Romulans have been Chased off... the New Federation and Klingon Alliance have Recruited the Snowmen Minnions to aide in the policing of the Crystaline People. This alliance was caused by the Universal Translators Finally syncing to there language and the Massive Murder of there Kind Ended. As the Reperations for the Destruction of there citizens Continue they have been made Non-member Entities of the United Federation of Planets and brought into help Defend The Tau Dewa Sector From it's enemies.....

In Order to appease itself to the Gamer Crowd and Image Perfect World Entertainment( PWE ) Has changed it's name to Perfect World Networks (PWN) .. this enables it to have a little fun with the player base when it enrages them.. Instead of them Blaming it on PWE.. the Players are now Able to state Due to glitches in the new patches that they have been PWN'd. This has been done to hopefully humor the players as they rage on the forums and give them slighly much needed time to Fix the Issues before The Rage Posts Begin...

Will this new Trek Take off.. Only the Fans will Decide.. Coming Soon STO: WGD ( We Got Desperate) To a Game near you!

(( If you have yet to Realize this is a Fail Parody Created at the pushing of people on Team Speak while in a State of Extreme Exhaustion after a long shift at Work.. I applogize for anyone who could not tell that it was made as a joke. All Actor names Mentioned are a Coincidental Likeness from a Mirror Universe yet Act Exactly as one would Expect. Sorry to the Devs who did not make it to the list for an amusing re-imaging But.. Mind is shot :P )

hereticknight085 12-08-2012 05:04 AM

*slow clap

Very nice sir, very nice. I approve.

fulleatherjacket 12-08-2012 05:09 AM

This pile of wonderful nonsense was very entertaining.

garfon10 12-08-2012 05:14 AM

Dude that was excellent work.... My god man, CBS may need you.... Keep on writting, i think you might get a new job....

dariusmajere 12-08-2012 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by garfon10 (Post 6989631)
Dude that was excellent work.... My god man, CBS may need you.... Keep on writting, i think you might get a new job....

Impossible.. If people like it.. It will never become successful. Now if they hate it(Jersy Shore...) .. It will get me to the stars!

hippiejon 12-08-2012 05:17 AM

Commader Riker approves.

darimund 12-08-2012 05:18 AM

very briefly, in the first few sentences, I got excited... but as I read on I became disappointed. =( if only CBS would yank this game away from PWE.... *sigh* I can still hope.

dariusmajere 12-08-2012 05:20 AM

this has been added to story

asardetemplari 12-08-2012 05:23 AM

As does Captain Picard

Just that ^

keepcalm 12-08-2012 05:25 AM

Cleese as Tacoboy? I approve solely because of that.

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