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ildw 12-09-2012 04:22 PM

Starfleet Expedition Corp
=/\= Starfleet Expedition Corp =/\=

Starfleet Expedition Corp is a small, friendly, laid back, easy going and casual fleet, we look for players who are just in the game to have fun or to make new friends so that you can enjoy the game with.
We are not fussed on your activeness within the game, so if you are one of those players who cannot play all the time, but still want to be in a fleet and have fun, well this is the perfect fleet for you.
We don't have strict rules like some fleet do, it is just the basic rules which you can see below.

Brief Background
Starfleet Expedition Corp, started off as a big and active fleet at the start of the game, under the name Omega Fleet, our goal was just to have fun in game and learn all there was in the game and teach it to new players. There were a lot of us playing the game then, but due to some incident the fleet split into 3 different groups, one group was Pegasus Fleet, which did thrive for awhile but then the fleet admiral took a break and and another admiral took over and the fleet name was changed to Starfleet Unlimited, and after some time, it took over by a new admiral, but the name stayed the same. Now that fleet admiral had left, an old fleet admiral had returned from his break and resumed command, and after some short time, the fleet name was renamed again to Starfleet Expedition Corp, but our goal was still the same, having fun, learning and passing on the knowledge of the game to new players.
As our fleet kept changing from leaders and names, our number in the fleet grew smaller and smaller, and now there are a handful of us left to carry on what had been started.

Quite simple really, just the general stuff like;
Be respectful of other players
Don't discriminate other players
Don't swear excessively
Be fair

Note that this fleet does not require you to have all of your characters to be in the same fleet, it is option for this fleet, so you can have one toon in this while another toon in a different fleet.

Joining the fleet
Very simple, just do the following;
Send @ILDW a message within the game or leave a post on this thread with your toon name and handle.
Include where you live, e.g. UK, US

ildw 01-25-2013 09:14 PM

Updated the entire post!

ildw 01-27-2013 10:58 AM

Anyone taking interest of this fleet?
It is a very casual fleet! :)

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