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clearbeard 12-10-2012 02:55 PM

Looking to sell Level 5/Tier 1 KDF Starbase
Are you looking to make a new KDF fleet with your friends? Then I've got the digs for you! Get a jump start on your fledgeling fleet's starbase without dumping loads of time and dilithium into it.


Tier 1 base overall, with Tier 2 upgrade ready to be slotted
Tier 1 Military complete and upgraded
Tier 1 Engineering complete, upgrade is currently taking contributions
Tier 2 science complete and upgraded
Tier 1 Transwarp gate complete, Tier 2 upgrade ready to be slotted
115 total provisions accumulated, about 1/2 buffs
Most of the 200k dilithium limited time projects complete, with only a couple missing to fill in when they re-run

The total Fleet Credit value of all contributions to date is > 4 million. Using the Cryptic-assigned conversion of 100 EC / Fleet credit, that puts the estimated value of the starbase over 400 million EC. Considering much of the contributions such as duty officers are rewarded at a less favorable rate, the actual value of contributions made is likely quite a bit more than this.

Bottom line, I am looking to sell this lovely piece of hardware for Energy Credits, plain and simple. If you are interested, please send me an offer via in-game mail to @clearbeard, and we can discuss the details. If you and your friends are looking to start a new KDF fleet, wouldn't it make more sense to take over one that's already established, than to start from scratch?

Shiva Vorruy'tir@clearbeard

clearbeard 12-12-2012 06:43 AM


no one yet?

sollvax 12-12-2012 06:53 AM

Well look at it this way

A Fleet built this
where is it now?
Was everyone kicked?
Did everyone suddenly Die?

To buy it they would have to join your fleet AND transfer the energy credits to you
someone somewhere has to trust

also practically no one has 400 million credits to lose (unless they are market speculators and themselves untrustworthy)

plus im not even sure selling a fleet is even legal

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