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kirscht 12-10-2012 07:27 PM

Are the antiproton ship weapons worth the cost?
Just wondering. I spent some credits on a set of tricobalt torps because I kept reading that they were pretty powerful, but was very disappointed. I hear the same about antiproton, but they're very pricey so I thought I'd see waht others thought of them.

reginamala78 12-10-2012 07:37 PM

If you're a tac specced into Energy Weapon Specialization for extra crit chance, plus the consoles that boost crit chance, and the Romulan reputation boost for extra crit chances, and so on, then yeah it can add up to being a bit more overall damage.

Honestly though, I'd rather have the debuff of disruptors (which boosts ALL damage, not just energy weapons fire), or the power drain of polarons, or even the 'thematic appropriateness' plus random FU ability of phasers. And some people absolutely swear by tetryon drain or the extra PVE damage of plasma. Between all of those options, paying a ton more for an extra 6-8% simple damage (at most, if you're max specced into it), it seems kinda silly.

unangbangkay 12-10-2012 07:50 PM

STO is quite DPS-centric in most cases, especially in STFs where the Borg ships shrug off the extra effects (procs) from Polaron/Phaser/Tetryon etc. So builds and weapons that lead to higher DPS are usually considered "the best" or at least the most efficient, which means Antiproton and Disruptor with Plasma a distant 3rd. AP is raw DPS (extra crits = more damage), Disruptors have a resistance debuff that increases overall damage for you and your team (preferable for non-escorts that can't pump out raw damage as quickly as a tac in a bug), and Plasma stacks a DoT that makes everything green and kind of tickles.

As for whether they're worth the millions, it depends on what you've got right now and how (and what you play) how you play. If you only play PVE, simply having the base knowledge to not have a crappy power build and pull your weight in the missions, and a certain quality of gear (a Mk X set's worth in Normal STFs, Mk XI in Elite) and you'll usually do fine in a random group. At that point getting purple Mk XIIs with all the bells and whistles is just garnish.

It's a different story in PVP where obviously the player with better gear will win, all other things being equal. You may need to get spendy to optimize. But I don't PVP, so take that as you will.

Personally I find the costs kind of crazy, and I'd rather spend millions of EC on, say, a lockbox ship from the exchange rather than hyper-optimizing.

Certainly I'm willing to spend to have a not-crappy setup, but the gear you can gather just playing missions and maybe from the Reputation or Dilithium stores will carry you a good long way.

shookyang 12-10-2012 11:51 PM

I used to fly Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons mk XI [crtd]x2 [dmg].

They worked great. I hear they have the same cannons, but with [crtd]x2 [crth]. If I still used Antiproton, I'd try and get those. Likewise if I used the Chroniton DBB.

I currently use phasers, specifically Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons MK XII [crtd]x3. Same critical severity as what I used to use, does more base damage (higher MK), and has the phaser proc. There are other energy types that have the same modifier (crtdx3).

If you have the same critical severity, you might as well get a weapon type that has a more useful proc.

ddesjardins 12-11-2012 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by kirscht (Post 7024201)
Just wondering. I spent some credits on a set of tricobalt torps because I kept reading that they were pretty powerful, but was very disappointed. I hear the same about antiproton, but they're very pricey so I thought I'd see waht others thought of them.

You really can't compare the experience of the two. Tricobalts are likely the most miss-used weapon in the game. You need to be a very efficient pilot to deliver them on target, with a spread to maximize effectiveness. I have seen some pilots dish out AMAZING damage every 3-4 minutes. Great in some STF's - IMO practically useless everywhere else.

But hey, it's about what makes you happy.

Currently I still use anti-proton weapons on my fed tac Heavy Escort Carrier. In combination with the tactical consoles (Antiproton Mag Regulators, rare), they make for a very effective weapon set. The weapons are all fleet versions: 3x DHC + 2 turrets. This is backed up with fleet quantum torpedo and the new Kinetic Cutting Beam XII.

Overall, IMO it's the best for overall damage regardless of the opponent, the exception being disrupter's which I think of as a KDF weapon.

For my other characters I have tried everything under the sun. Polaron & Tetryons were great. Disrupter's are cool as well. Phased Tetryons were amazing for dropping shields, but in the end lacked the overall damage of anti-proton. And they were the least 'Federation' of all of the energy types.

With the launch of the Vesta class, my engineer and sci toons went all phaser primarily to max out all of the inherent bonuses with the ship' special features for federation players. I have not looked back - great weapons on the Vesta and I have misjudged phasers.

Antiproton are my favourites overall, with phasers now a close second for Federation.

If you're Klingon - stay Disrupters.

Admiral Thrax

mscowboy 12-11-2012 12:13 AM

With all the new crit boosting coming into the game with the romutation passive and console, AP is gonna be pretty powerful.

These and disruptors are the main things to look at for pure damage. I would say disruptors for PVE and AP for PVP. The disruptor breach debuff is very powerful and can send your whole teams damage through the roof, but like any resistance debuff it applies to the hull and will most likely be wasted on a shielded target in PVP, while the enhanced crits from AP will break down shields just as well as hull.

kirscht 12-11-2012 06:37 AM

AP is just a whole ot of EC to spend. Hate to spend it and be disappointed. But if it breaks down shields AND damges hulls that is a nice all around weapon. Currently I have torps fore and aft, cannon/turret fore and aft, and beams fore and aft. Should i maybe get rid of my cannons and equip a second set of beams so I can stack consoles to maximize thier dps and take down shields quicker? and if so, should I use two different types? Say one that is better at shield strip, and one that will do more hull damge once they're down, allowing me to damage the hull even while I'm still working to bring her around into my torp arcs? I only get three tac slots. So right now I have one that enhances my torps, on for my beams and one for my cannon.

bortjinx 12-11-2012 07:26 AM

I use AP DHCs on my Escort, without damage consoles, and it takes at most 2 volleys (buffed with TT1 and CRF2) from my cannons to drop a Cube's shields in ISE, maybe three if my weapons are still charging up to full power.

Don't use multiple types of weapons. It drains power too quickly.

rdm1958 12-11-2012 07:35 AM

i have tried AP weapons on various ships and i always do better with other weapon types. i am a tac officer and figured AP would work best, but I tried them versus other weapons on the same ship in the same mission and AP just does not do it for me.

hroothvitnir 12-11-2012 07:55 AM

If you use DHC and have all teh crit boosts have MK XII's and are skilled into the crit skill with energy then yes as long as you can drop a targets speed to a crawl or stop, Antiproton is the highest DPS weapon in the game. Otherwise the other weapon procs are fairly decent with the exception of phaser Vs Borg but thats balance by phaser being awesome vs everything else.

Now that cheap mk XII antiprotons are gone form the game I'd go with something else.

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