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aramyll 12-11-2012 09:40 AM

my build, your thoughts and suggestions
Hi I am a Eng in a Temporal destroyer, if anyone can give me advice on fixing my build it would be appreciated.

en-eng - EPW
lt eng - EPS1 EPS2
lt tac - tac1 APB1
ltc- sci - HE1 PH2 GW1
co- tac - tac1 CSV1 BO3 CSV3

3xDHC AP(borg)
1xDBB AP(borg)
2xturrets AP(borg)
Kinetic cutting beam

Eng subspace jumper theta radiation
Sci manheim device isometric charge borg shield recharge console
Tac 4x AP dmg(green)

( I enjoy the utility these consoles give me its fun when u can subspace jump behind them or get out of the tetryon grid)

im doing only PVE while occasionally doing kerrat every now and then. I was getting ready to buy the quad cannons and switch to a (cannon only) phaser spec using fleet weapons

do quads benefit from cannons abilities like CRF and CSV??
should I get rid of the kinetic beam and put another turret back in ?

I was considering removing the manheim device for a shield capacity console, don't know if its worth it, but I don't really use the manheim device all that much.

I hear people are using a dps meter or parser where can I get one ???

leoll2 12-15-2012 07:03 AM

First, if you only do PvE, you may use plasma energy type because it's less expensive.
Second, an engineer in a Mobius is a really strange combination, why?
Apart this, you should change a lot of things in your build; this is how I would build it:

PH1 - HE2
TT1 - APB1
TT1 - TS2 - CRF2 - APO3

3 DHC/DC (doesn't matter in PvE), 1 quantum torpedo
3 turrets

2 neutronium
manheim flow capacitor borg field generator
4 energy type

The Maco shield + borg engine and deflector is still an efficient solution for PvE, however you can also try Omega.

Personally, I don't mind Kinetic Cutting Beam. It works fine in PvE, but it's pure ... (you know) in PvP. If you want, remove a turret and equip it.
About Quad Cannons, you don't need them, trust me. (they work with CRF and CSV)
I like Manheim Device, but it's not a children toy, if you're not wise you should better drop it.
About DPS parser, it's useful only for PvPers, don't care of it ;D

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