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darthvicious666 12-11-2012 12:02 PM

Energy Siphon III bugged.
Not really the ability itself, it functions just fine. In the powers list it shows its dependent system as Deflector Dish, meaning it should have its cooldown decreased by a Deflector officer trigger. Except... it doesn't. It's not listed in the power description in the powers menu, nor does it display when I mouse over ES3 in combat. Nor is the cooldown ever reduced, it's always 1 min.

I've verified it's the ability by swapping with Gravity Well III, and the Doff trigger shows up when I mouse over that and in the powers menu.

Funny thing is, when I have ES3 slotted, I mouse over my deflector and it shows the officer triggers listed there among the deflector abilities, like it should be. I think somehow, ES3 is not connected with the deflector dish like it should be.

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