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tiekosora 12-16-2012 03:10 PM

mob Hov yo' - Lone Star Fleet KDF
KDF fleet, looking for a few casual players. Fleet has been in existence for awhile, but not a lot of activity. Sister fleet of Lone Star Fleet, so there is access to experienced players. Starbase expansion is on the ground floor. If you want to get in on building something from scratch, with no pressure to reach tier five by Easter, contact me ingame, or anybody wearing the fleet tag.

tiekosora 12-16-2012 03:16 PM

The Lone Star Fleet was built for Texans, by Texans, yet with the understanding that all were welcome. We have one strict rule we live by - have fun. As with most fleets, some other rules such as play nice, don't be a jerk, apply. That's about it. We Texans love freedom, and we won't impose a bunch of rules on you.

As a KDF branch, we expect you to have fun, embrace your inner Klingon, and bring honor and glory to our House. If you want to play a Federation captain, you are free to enlist in the LSF, or any other fleet of your choosing. We won't hold it against you for being aligned to two different fleets.

Join us in glorious battle! Work to build our great House and expand our power base through conquest. Many songs will they sing of our deeds! Qapla'!

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