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starbear 12-17-2012 09:40 PM

Colonial Confederation
The Colonial Confederation

Fleet Type: RP/End Game PvE
Fleet Goals: Station Building, End Game PvP

Backstory: The Colonial Confederation (CC) is a collection of colonies on the edge of known space that have banned together for protection and economical strength. The CC was formed nearly 150 years ago mainly of Klingon, Human, and other races. Many of the people who left their home worlds were seeking a new form of life and may not always follow the traditions of their home worlds.

With the increase of Borg attacks the CC begain strengthening ties with the Federation. As soon as hostilities began with the Klingon Empire the CC sighted a treaty with the Federation effectively turning the CC into an independent protectorate of the Federation.

Other Info: An exact location of the CC will be chosen soon.

Please contact F'helra@Yavin_Prime or PM me for an invite or more info.

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