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sophlogimo 12-22-2012 03:14 AM

Flight deck officers, weird behaviour
I just tested the Flight Deck Officers that give your ship a 10% bonus to defense when you set your carrier pets to passive. Two things seem weird:

- The bonus applies whenever you hit the "call pets back" button, regarless of whether you have any pets out or not

- At least in display, the flight deck doffs seem to be undecided whether they want to give +10% each or +20% - the actual number jumps back and forth between the two options.

If that is correct and not just a display bug, well... I can see a lot of Armitages having much fun with this.

On a side note, the flight deck officers that give +25% accuracy to the pets as long as they are set to "intercept" seem to indicate that a to-hit-chance of >100% does not result in noticably more critical hits. Either the flight deck doffs do not work or accuracy works differently than most people believe...

sophlogimo 12-23-2012 11:22 PM

These flight deck doffs are notoriously hard to test, but I can confirm that the Intercept versions don't affect critical chance even on stationary targets. Hard to tell if Accuracy of the pets is really affected.

A Defence score of 110 to 140 (it jumps back and forth with the flight deck doffs that increase Defense) even without Elusive is, of course, extremely appealing, but the display clearly indicates something does not work as intended. Has anyone foun a way to conclude actual defense under the assumption that to-hit chance over 100% does not impact critical hit chance?

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