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djf021 12-24-2012 07:15 PM

What's the best GROUND set PRE Omega rep?
Hello all,
I've recently started two new characters. They are only level 6 so far, but I know I'll eventually work toward the Maco Mk XII set for them. However, what would you say is the best ground set to go with in the meantime? I was thinking maybe Jem'Hadar, but that's still a ways down the story line. Any advice?

bohiap 12-24-2012 07:32 PM

The only other ground set that comes to mind is the set from the Nukara adventure zone, which is level 50. Pre-Omega rep you just need a good all around shield, weapon of choice, and a set of armor all of which are mission rewards or loot drops. I generally stuck with Polyalloy Weave Armor because it provides general, all around, protection. For a weapon I'd look for a sniper rifle and you're choice of another weapon (depending on mission and play style.)

kamiyama317 12-24-2012 07:49 PM

There aren't many ground sets but there are a lot of unique ground weapons and shields that can hold you off until you get the MACO or Omega set.

I use the Personal Covariant Shield from "Pre-emptive Strike" in the Romlan Front missions, the Jem'Hadar Beam Pistol from "Second Wave" in the Cardassian Front missions, and a PolyAlloy Weave Armor with [HP] and [RegSH] modifiers.

The Personal Covariant has more shield points than any other personal shield, and the Jemmie Beam Pistol has 100 DPS if you have 9 points in Weapon Proficiency. You can also use nanite ammunition with it. I like the anti-coagulant ammo.

Some people also highly recommend pulsewave guns. I personally don't like them because they have very short range.

loverofwars 12-24-2012 10:05 PM

for stfs i wouldnt reccomend the tholion suit any ev suit is terrible for stfs(for any combat at all really) the energy dapeming armor is best unless your going melee style. reason for that most dangerous thing is getting shot by borg better energy resist move life but as a set jem hadar dont fire the gun just keep it on you the armor is very good shield isnt too bad and the 3 part set bonus is pretty good hp plus extra damage boost. other weapon sniper or pulsewave if cure ground pulse and khitomer if infected and want op sniper + knowing the markers to not cross/if it fails then get to cover and switch to pulsewave makes short work. oh and remember to press x when fireing it up close 33% extra damage a 157 standard attack hits over 200 damage, secondary 300 400 without crit or attack buffs :). you could use the over charged plasma weapon from a mission for sniper rifle its sniper shot is near 300 without x aiming only feds can get it:(

loverofwars 12-24-2012 10:09 PM

oh one more thing you can go to defera invasion zone get a fractural remodulator 3 secs better then 4 definatly worth getting can save your life in that one extra second
EDIT and you can skip missions to get the set and do them later/with the set

hereticknight085 12-24-2012 11:14 PM

Pre-stf, go with fleet armor/shields/weapons. If you cannot get fleet gear, your best bet would be jemmie ground set, since it's a good overall fighting set (albeit it's weapon is horrible for STFs themselves, but good for most other things), and barring that, most of your Mk XI blue and purple energy dampening armors will work fine, and most mk XI blue mobility shields will work fine. And most mk XI green weapons will work fine until you can get better ones.

raptor63549 12-25-2012 01:24 AM

Before I got my MACO gear, I used the Jem hadar set.
That healing ability comes in handy and the stats of the pieces are pretty good, thhough you should be careful with the rifle's secondary fire causing borg to adapt quickly; remodulator devices suck.

baudl 12-25-2012 02:04 AM

probably the fleet gear, especially the one with 10% more crit rating or the one with 80% crit dmg are good, and they serve you also after you have OMEGA sets (maco, omega, KHG)

jem'hadar armor is also a possible choice.
in my opinion there is no ONE best gear anyway...try out different combinations, if you are unsatisfied with one you can give it to your boffs anyway. So it is never actually wasted.

PS: i'm not sure if it still possible, but the EV suits from nukara have no level get five (for you and your crew) from lvl 1 (from exchange) preferably one with critH or critD on it.

emperordeslok 12-28-2012 08:21 AM

You can use the ev suits starting at level 1, thought it would be a good armor for a new toon but after their level adjustment they're worse than common level appropriate armor. Set wise is highly based on your career and specialization choice, especially with the new omega passives I've found the advanced and elite equipment better for stfs(+10 crit chance from armor and +10 from gambling makes for a happy tac)

xgorillapx 12-29-2012 12:36 AM

The Jem'Hadar ground set is excellent. I was very happy with it pre-MACO.

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