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igorvalentine 12-27-2012 01:37 PM

Sci Build
Hey everyone! I'm coming back to the game after being away towards the end of Season 5. Could someone tell me how the sequence listed below might work?

Torpedo HY 2
Fire torpedos
Viral Matrix 2

My hope is that I would quite a bit of damage right off the bat. Then I could follow it up with:

Target subsystem shields- drain shield power and possibly knock them off line.
Fire torpedo?
Energy Siphon 2- I read with maxed flow capacitors it would drain 24 power.
It might be enough to drop shield power to zero, depending on how much the Target Shields is buffed.
If lucky, a polaron proc for -25 power.

Do shields drop if the power is at 0?
How well do you think this would work?

Edit: I think I might be on to something.

I have a bridge officer with Viral Matrix 3. What if I gave him Viral Matrix 1? Would VM3 start a cooldown on VM1? If not, i'm thinking this sequence might be the way to go:

Sensor Scan to debuff target
Fire Torpedos
Viral Matrix 3

My hope is Viral Matrix 3 hits the enemy in time to drop their shields and land torpedos right off the bat and all while the target is debuffed.

Then, you could rinse and repeat with a little less damage.

Fire Torpedos
Viral Matrix 1

Can anyone tell me if this works as I think it does?

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