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matchstick606 12-27-2012 01:54 PM

949th Fenrir Strike Force

We are a group of casual players looking to build a gaming family. Often times, this is done by building a close-knit gourp of friends first - as opposed to just grabbing players - and this is what 949th intends to do. We are active in PvE and hope to start PvP as soon as our active numbers rise.


to create a fun team experience in PvE, STF's, and PvP. At the same time helping each other grow as players and as a team.


Recruits will spend up to a month in a probation (CADET) period in which we expect an active and continued games preesence. This is to see if they mesh well with the group, and if they will be active contributing members. After proving themselves, recruits who show the right attitudes will be promoted to (ENSIGN) AND BECOME FULLY INDOCTRINED MEMBERS.



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