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archofwinter 12-29-2012 07:28 PM

Shooter mode option for small craft and escort?
There is a shooter option for ground gameplay, why not for space as well.
I know you can have the option for a fixed-chase came but it is basically the same as regular gameplay.

I'm suggesting a shooter mode or flight combat mode for space.
Your rear weapons on an escort will go auto pilot, cannon weapons will have much lesser firing arc since you will have direct command over it with your mouse button but to make up for it, they'll be slightly more powerful. Beam weapons will have similar effect but it can track your target from the moment of firing, but still have reduced firing arc and slightly more powerful. Torpedo will pretty much remains the same, they can fire long as you have a target locked.

For small craft, all weapons will have extremely small firing arc but increase in fire power.
Torpedo will be similar to the escort method from above.
Shooter mode will be perfect for small craft since they are like fighter jet of the fleet anyway.
This will be the easiest to implement since small crafts only have 2 weapon slots, so one for each mouse button.

For balance sake, if need be, bring in flanking damage while in this space shooter mode.

While we are on the topic of small craft, can we get to see more small craft PvE?
Like a team of small craft versus one enemy capital ship with the physical size accurate to scale since this is more like a set piece rather than an actual ship. So the small crafts will have to target and take out strategic points like sensor array, torpedo tube, or flight deck.

Also, small craft exclusive PvP would be nice too.

Good, bad, terrible idea?
Any feedback would be nice.

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