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tequillabob 12-29-2012 09:27 PM

Stagnant Waters Running
Mission Title: Stagnant Waters Running

For far too long the Federation has waded knee deep amongst the four familiar quadrants of our bar-spiraled galaxy. Trapped like refugees on an island surrounded by a vast impassable sea, Starfleet vessels have been restricted to plunder only the mysteries of the Milky Way. That is until now. A new ship awaits to carry its crew from this galaxy across an intergalactic void to the next island cluster of stars, equipped with all the trappings of Federation ingenuity, a new engine powered by compressing space itself and an eagerly select crew committing their lives to a generational journey not seen by humanoid-kind since Humans left orbit for Mars and Ancient Bajorans spread their solar sails to discover Cardassia Prime.

Start your quest by honoring an odd request from an eccentric admiral. The beginning of a ruse that leads you to a Ferengi merchant, only to reveal a serendipitous invitation has been extended for you to become part of head-first exploration into the unknown that is Starfleet lore.

There will be new technology to befriend, obstacles to overcome and a new unknown adversary to confront. Stagnant Waters Running is a story-based mission with a reasonable amount of interior ground combat, character interactions and?of course?a modestly epic space battle.

For me the most interesting and challenging part of creating this mission was using Foundry assets to construct a new ship both inside and out without using standard ship maps. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it!

markhawkman 12-30-2012 12:20 PM

Enh. It's ok. It could use some polishing, but it's not a bad mission. :)

The story would probably flow better if some of the minor objectives were replaced with dialog boxes that simply talk about you doing something instead of you actually doing it.

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