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fedman70 12-31-2012 02:10 AM

Keybind minor difference
I tried hovering over the commands as the post on keybinding says, it's just a little different than what that post said it would be. For example Inventory for me says

Use manually with /inventory, not

"GenSendMessage Root ShowInventory"

So, I'm guessing typing /inventory has replaced /gensendmessage root showinventory, typing /inventory will open my inventory.

And, where is the default bind file located? In my live folder I only see the one I created, but there must be one for the keys that are bound on default, right? I went ahead and copied the part of that post here

Skills = Control+k "GenSendMessage Root ShowPowers"
People = Control+p "GenSendMessage Root ShowPeople"
Missions = Control+j "GenSendMessage Root ShowMissions"
Captain's Log = Control+l "GenSendMessage Root ShowCaptainLog"
Map = Control+m "GenSendMessage Root ShowMap"
Fleet = Control+f "GenSendMessage Root ShowFleet"
Remote Contact = Control+h "GenSendMessage Root ShowRemoteContacts" (This is hailing Starfleet.)
Tickets = Control+t "GenSendMessage TicketWindow_Root ShowWithoutScreenshot" (Used to view any Bug Tickets.)
Assignments = Control+a "GenSendMessage Root ShowShipCrewAssignments"
Status = Control+s "GenSendMessage Root ShowStatus"
Tray Powers = Control+w "GenSendMessage Root ShowTrayPowers"
Inventory = Control+i "GenSendMessage Root ShowInventory"
It just would help to see the default bind file so I can see the proper syntax. With the above I quoted, if I had one bindfile with only Control+i /inventory and nothing else that would create a bindfile with when I press Control+k it would open my inventory, same with the other commands, with their proper /command?

fedman70 12-31-2012 08:19 PM

Anyone know?

This gives kind of a better explanation

But, what about all the keys that already bound by default? That's why I want to look at the default (if there is one) bind file. Will I redo all the code syntax when I make my own bindfile for things that are already bound- inventory, status, etc, when I make my own bind file. If I load my own without putting in these things will it make all of the default ones not work anymore?

bds007 01-03-2013 04:39 PM

as I posted in the Keybind sticky, but will also answer here, the keybind file will only contain the keys of which you have changed/customized. The default keybinds will still work until you change them.

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