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nobscu 12-31-2012 07:17 AM

Crashing in space STFs
I seem to have a problem where my game randomly crashing during Borg Space STFs.

I have turned all graphics settings to minimum but I still experience this problem. I sent a report using the Cryptic Error tool, but as of yet there is no response.

This hinders my gameplay experience, as well as my teammates. A solution would be greatly appreciated.

jennyluve 12-31-2012 10:28 AM

Hello nobscu!

Please be as so kind as to post your machine's specs, including what video card you have as well as what driver you're using. You can find your machine's specs rather quickly and painlessly by downloading and running the Belarc Advisor which can be found here:

Once you d/l, install and run that tool, you'll then be able to know everything that you ever wanted to know and much more about your computer! Oh joy right? Anyhow, after you find out what your vid card and driver are, we can then look deeper into what's causing this and perhaps even uncover a fix sooner than you think.

Best regards,


PS: When did you first notice this issue? Did you install or uninstall anything directly prior to this occurring? Answering these questions will most certainly help me in troubleshooting your issue.

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