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tobar26th 12-31-2012 11:54 AM

LaFamilia is Recruiting
Hey all,

It's that time again where we're looking to expand our ranks, replace fallen comrades (i.e. those that are playing other games!) and generally meet new players.

LaFamilia is a multi time zone fleet, with multiple players active in most time zones (I think we end up a bit short in the Australian areas but otherwise...).

We're quite well known in PVP circles, though I wouldn't label us as 'overly' competitive (Smeagol or one of our other PVPs will likely disagree with me though!) but we're more than happy to play to win, or play for fun, helping players old and new develop their skills.

We've also got quite a large PVE devision, very keen on the STFs and Romulan reputations at the minute, but happy to do anything else as players choose.

We have a large starbase, just creeping up on T4 shipyard, with all holdings currently at T3. Our embassy is T2 recruitment and T1 diplomacy, T2 overall. All players acquire access to these after a few days.

Ultimately we're looking for English speaking players (need not be your first language, but should be able to chat and interact well in it) who are looking for fun, casual gaming. We're particularly interested (shallow as it sounds) in players who have an excess of Fleet Marks they want to deposit ;-) That said we're honestly just looking for more people to have fun with and swell our ranks.

If you're interested pop me a message through the PM system here with your in game handle and we'll get things rolling.



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