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captainlonghorn 12-31-2012 01:59 PM

Klingon Nebula by Flacks
I'm posting this as a review and discussion based on the Foundry Mission Klingon Nebula authored by Flacks.

First, great mission for loot and if you are doing the Investigate Officer Reports, a good one to also get delithium on every 15 minutes. The only thing I find tedius as that there are too many rounds. Drops stop happening after the 4th round at the most, so really, there should only be 4-5 rounds and put the U.S.S. Forseti closer too, so there isn't much flying.

Now, one way to cope with this if you like to run this mission repeatedly everyday for the loot, and if you are an Admiral Upper/Lower Half, use tricobalts and raise up the Starship Subspace Decompiler skill (increases effectiveness of tricobalt weapons). I have 5 ranks in this skill, and with that, coupled with a tricobalt mine launcher and a tricobalt torpedo launcher, use the Dispersal Pattern Alpha (for the mines) and High Yield (for the torpedo) abilities. This is enough to destroy the whole armada. By the time my second mine hits I'm already back at the Forseti when they all go boom.

bubblesandteia 03-08-2013 12:03 AM

the Nebula
hi iv been trying for days now trying to make the shields disapear like on your mission klingon nebula and i just cant seem to make it happen is there any advice you can give me to make it work the help would be great as i play your foundry mission every day with 3 fed toons and all have tipped 100 :)

flacks0 05-02-2013 09:56 AM

Thanks for the review mate =)
The reason I put more than 4 maps to this grind mission was so the it would qualify for the Investigate Officer Reports mission also I put my ship (USS Forseti) where it is so that no-one hits the transition to next map while spamming F to pick up all the loot.

If anyone is going to try my mission out you should know they now fight back but I myself can take them out with one Torpedo - Spread III using quantum torpedos Mk XI

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