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pulserazor 12-31-2012 03:17 PM

Impossible to contact customer service
I have tried for days to contact Perfectworld's customer service, if such a thing exists.

Each time I log into their site, with three different browsers, I get caught in a redirection loop, logged out, or my browser simply will not load the page. I have deleted cookies, disable anti virus, everything I could think of. I have tried the 'contact us' links from the perfect world website while I am logged in, it logs me out, takes me to a 'support center' where i have to log in again, and loops this process over and over. I cant contact anyone.

I would really like to speak with customer service, it is a really important issue to me, and I believe I am a well paying loyal customer.

I wish someone would help me.

I wish I could contact a real live person in customer service who can address my issue.

lewstelamon01 12-31-2012 08:12 PM

You can email them from your account's registered email address, which is a requirement if your issue pertains to billing or your account specificially.

There is no telephone support.

There's a thread in the global tech support forums about redirect loops. Basically it's a still unresolved issue with their support software.

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