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hsvuqardwst 01-02-2013 04:12 AM

first cause then effect - stuck midway
i remember last time i did this, i was killed repeatedly by the klingon ships. however, this time i managed to defeat all the klingon ships, a dozen bop, half a dozen warships. then the mission stopped responding. all i could see was 2 overlaid s.s.triumph, one with full name, the other's name is a ".", both giving out green smoke. is it possible to proceed from thereon?

psycoticvulcan 01-02-2013 08:25 AM

Find your way to the respawn point (it should have a lot of those "Beacon" effects in it), and the map transition will start.

That, or exit the system and reenter it.

captainlonghorn 01-02-2013 10:25 AM

It's intended that you explode as part of the mission. Unfortunately, Cryptic's Foundry in STO doesn't allow switches. I ran into a similar problem where I defeated them with ease but when the second wave appraoched, the negh'var was on a loop of warping in and I couldn't go anywhere. So if you are playing way past its intended level, just let the Klingons blow you up.

If Foundry allowed switches just like they allowed branched Dialogues where you could say different things, it be a lot better. What I mean by switches, the author would be able to decide what would happen if a player did something different than what the author intended (such as, the author of this Foundry intended for you to NOT defeat the Klingons until the end of the mission). So, if you did defeat the klingons, something else would happen, or something that was suppose to happen wouldn't happen.

bootyboots 01-02-2013 02:02 PM

couldn't the author add a "no win scenario" kind of thing to this? if the Klingons were defeated somehow more become visible, a lot more?

rogueeenterprise 01-02-2013 02:08 PM

Hey guys, author of the mission here. Yeah, like psychoticvulcan said, just try exiting the map and re-entering it. Because of the complexity of some of the stuff I do in this mission its possible you can get stuck. Exiting and re-entering fixes it 99% of the time.

Also, if you are TOO awesome at this game (some of you are!), then you just have to realize... during this mission there are two points where you have to die to progress. Bootyboots, I did add as many enemy ship squads as the map would allow, but some people just continue to be awesome.

However, if you don't die, you should just be able to follow the nav marker to the next coordinates. :D

Hope this helps.

ussfury 01-04-2013 12:27 PM

I had, perhaps the same issue, in that I destroyed a Klingon ship in the second go around but got stuck behind a "wall". I could see the enemy, but they couldn't see me and when I moved forward I seemed to slide up against a barrier.

I ended up just going up and up and up until I popped over the top and came back down to fight the Klingons on the correct side.

Other than that, GREAT mission. It was my very first Foundry mission ever and I've been playing on and off since Beta. I mean, I guess I don't have much to compare it to Foundry wise, but it felt VERY much like a television episode.

Great job and thanks for a fun evening. =)

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