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madblooddoll 01-02-2013 07:10 PM

what windows are these?
I was just curious, maybe it's two sections, but I can't find the actual window/wall part here -

maybe it's a wall with the window found in search as window, but not sure what wall that is then.

The ceiling lights are good too, but that's cut off. It's on a foundry map that's pretty good.

rogueeenterprise 01-02-2013 07:21 PM

This actually appears to be part of a premade map and not a separate foundry piece, which explains the epicness of how good it looks, lol.

madblooddoll 01-02-2013 08:27 PM

Thanks for the reply. oh yeah, i forgot there was pre-made maps. that's too bad. So the only good windows in custom maps fall under the search for window I take it? there's no secret hidden ones besides those, i think two, if i remember right?

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