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kb21 01-06-2013 02:25 PM

starting out from scratch
I love the idea of carrier and as such got the 2 orion carriers to start out with, whats the best way to play them, I used to play a tac officer back when so used to doing strafing attacks or sitting at range just firing away then running when it turns on me, but whats best for this type of ship? a more support role, general tankiness of engineering, or can a tac officer setup work in it?

What would you build for an eventual end game carrier build?

thissler 01-07-2013 06:42 AM

Heres one.

I'm also toying around with DBB's fore and turrets aft. Depends how I'm feeling.

Sadly, any captain will do fine. Your ship will just be able to do different things. Be sure to spec your captain according to the abilities you will be using in thier ships.

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