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tfomega 01-08-2013 10:54 AM

power tray is no longer working as intended
Submitted this post as ticket 130108-000207

Thread containing more information about this issue which sparked an actual post in the gameplay bug forum:

I am also tired of the following (in addition to the OP's and other members' posts):

1) When I switch out my boffs, it doesn't remember the last locations in the tray that a power was assigned. This DOES work or at least used to up until around S7! I keep my powers in exactly the same locations correspondent to other boff powers.

For example... I have 2 tactical boffs. One has APO3 and the other has APB3 (ignoring their own powers for the purpose of this example). I assign the same tray location (0,2) to the APO3 power as I do to the APB3 power. When I switch between boffs, it should remember the last location that the power was assigned to. This may not work for disorganized players, but I keep my power tray organized. It is the only way I can know in a moment's notice where a power is ALWAYS located.

2) When I run out of batteries, the power tray no longer remembers the last location I had batteries assigned when I equip a fresh supply. I always put the aux battery on location (2,8) of the power tray. If I am running low and I refresh the supply, I'll see the number of available batteries increase on the icon in location (2, 8). If I do not refresh the supply of batteries prior to running out, when I do refresh the supply of batteries by dragging the aux battery supply to my device slot, it will not remember that the device slot in question was last assigned to tray location (2, 8). I then have to open up my available powers tray and drag and drop the aux batteries back on location (2, 8).

3) It would BE NICE, if in the "available skills - drag to tray" window, the boff officer that has a certain skill were listed in the description of the skill. This would help to facilitate items 1 and 2. If I have two tactical team 1 skills, I is not able to distinguish which skill belongs to which boff in the window, nor am I able to distinguish the order in which the skills are listed if I switch out my BOFFs. If one of my tactical BOFFs assignment/station remains consistent and I switch out the other tactical boff, I should not have to guess which skill I need to drag/drop to my power tray. This has never been in game, but would VERY NICE to have.

4) When in section space and I press the "u" key to open up the status window, why does it open to my character status window instead of my ship status window? Alternatively, if I am in my shuttle and I press the u key in sector space, why does it not open up my shuttle status window?

I think the addition of shuttles to the ship status window (key: u) has made 1, 2, and 4 start malfunctioning. This only happened when I equipped a shuttle for the first time and the extra BOFF commander bug, etc... This is the last time this window was specifically edited that I can recall.

leadme2kirk 01-08-2013 08:32 PM

The ground tray is completely hosed now too. I'm making a separate thread, just for that!

mightybobcnc 01-08-2013 09:41 PM

Really tired of the trays being totally hosed. This wasn't even a new season launch for crying out loud! :eek:

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