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littlemonchichi 01-08-2013 06:31 PM

Account Bank
Asking myself always: "WTH??"....when i scroll during choosing the bank for accessing my inventory.
Who needs this?
They released this option months ago and nothing happened to make it more attractive for the player to buy slots.
it is the same like sending myself emails in game.

why isnt possible to unbound items?
i would even use a masterkey to unbound an item for using it at an other char - in this case the accountbank would make sense.

to make items bound is therefore to make the player creating more chars. since the game became more grind and grind, most people creat less chars and use their maine toon.

sell keys for make items unbound.
sell token for race/class respec.

the zen store is at the moment totally dead.
cause their is nothing usefull anymore for the player

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