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cers001 01-10-2013 02:45 AM

Optional objectives
How do I create optional objectives in the foundry?

benalexander 01-10-2013 04:37 AM

You can not create "real" optional objectives like those in the official episodes. This means they can not be part of your storyline. But there are a few other possibilities:

1) After talking to a story NPC, he/she tells you about a bonus objective. After completing it, it triggers a pop-up-dialog.

Example: Story NPC A tells you about the main mission und a NPC B, who may have some problems with his console. Completing this storyline-task triggers B. Talking to B leads to a pop-up-dialog, where he explains, that a console doesn?t work. Completing this dialog triggers the console. Interacting ("repairing") the console will trigger the last pop-up dialog: The NPC thanks you for your help - Optional objective complete.

Only NPC A and its dialog are part of the storyline. Anything else is just dialogs and triggers.

2) Quite similar: A Place marker triggers a dialog that tells you about an optional objective.

For example: You want to meet the admiral?s ship, but on the way (place marker) there is freighter calling for help.

3) There is a NPC with a dialog-prompt. A "!" is above his head - the player sees, that there is someone he could talk to.

You see, that you need to work with not story related pop-up-dialogs und triggers (both for the mission-objects und the dialogs). With triggering different buttons of the dialogs you can even create various outcomes of the optional mission.

It?s also possible to "integrate" the optional mission in the storyline.

Example: A stealth mission: You have to infiltrate a klingon colony. There are a lot of klingons on the direct way - so your mission task is "Avoid the patrols to infiltrate the building" and your officer tells you about an alternative route. If the player chooses to take the direct way, he runs into a place marker, which triggers a pop up dialog: "Intruder alert" und more klingons will spawn in your way. The optional objective would be "Don?t get caught" and you punish the player who doesn?t complete it.

You can also implement "rewards" in your mission: Helping a freighter triggers a dialog: The captain gives you the code for a sensor satellite - the player can avoid an additional fight. Or you rescue a federation ship carrying some Peregrine-fighters. Before the next battle you write a dialog with a triggered button "launch fighters". Pressing it will spawn some fighters to help you. The button itself is triggered by completing the last dialog with the captain on the carrier.

You have to make sure, your optional mission is not part of the storyline (except for a objective-complete-trigger to start it). No optional enemy group can be part of a kill objective (unless you trigger some federation NPC to fight them instead).

I would recommend showing the player, that there is an optional objective (lot of people, just skip through the text). I always use colored text, for example: [OOC]Optional:[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Rescue the freighter.[/MissionInfo]

As far as I know, this is basically the only way to create optional objectives. I hope I could help you.

P.S. Sorry for bad english.

zahinder 01-10-2013 06:29 AM

I've done a few:

'You have to find someone in a blizzard.'
There is an object you can interact with that will do one (and only one) thing:
Lessen the storm, making it lots easier to see.
Improve scans, making it easier to get popups that you are close (and, eventually, a nav point)
Communication burst, giving you other information.

At another point, you have an objective 'capture this ship.'
Early on, you have another three choices:
Stealth (most enemy ships become non-combatants)
Scout (get nav beacons to your goal)
Information (goal gets a nav beacon plus other information)

Or you can ignore it and rush in.

The simplest way to have optional routes to an objective is removable walls:
You are in the dungeon of Plotz, you need to find the McGuffin of Doomz. The McGuffin is in a small room with four blocked entrances.
There are one of 4 outcomes to (stuff). Each outcome makes one of the entrances open up.

Another option, similar to earlier comment, is something like 'a huge map with an unmarked goal' where each optional will drop a nav beacon on your goal.

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