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jslyn 01-11-2013 12:47 AM

Chimera Sci Build?
Hey guys. I have been around since beta but I have never tried the Elite STFs (nor PvP for that matter). I thought that I might give it a shot. I do not wish to a be a burden on my team though, so I thought that I would ask all you experienced people what would be a nice Build for my Chimera.

I have a Science Captain and I rather enjoy using Sci Debuff Skills. I thought that I might use the Universal Slot for that. Unless, of course, the general consensus is not to. That IS why I am asking, after all.

As far as Weaponry goes, the best that I have is the old MK XII [Borg] Anti-Proton stuff. I have enough for both an all-Beam set-up or the Dual Heavy Cannon And Turret. My Torpedoes are the Transphasic kind of the same level (I just don't like the way the Quantums look, poor reasoning but its the truth).

Some times I stick the Transphasic Cluster Torpedo or a Beam Array in a rear slot. They will target large enemies like Cubes of Gates even while they are in front of my ship. Is this a bad idea?

As for Equipment Sets, I have MACO (MK X only) and Aegis. I do have the Borg Console, but nothing else from that one.

My Duty Officers are not that good, to be honest. Mostly Colorless and Greens, a handful of Blues and only three or four Purples.

I am not in a Fleet, so I do not have access to any Fleet stuff. --Incidentally, if anyone knows of a good Fleet that doesn't mind having a member who only plays a couple of hours a I week, I would be interested in joining--

So, yeah. On to the point: What do you all suggest for a BOff / Equipment set-ups for dealing with Elite STFs (and maybe PvP) for a Chimera?

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