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gradstudent1 01-14-2013 08:53 PM

Boot Camp Coaches: A Few Reminders, Please Read

A number of you were unable to attend the most recent meeting this last Saturday, and I want to direct you to some places where you can find relevant information:

- Please check your shivtr email accounts:
You will find there a number of notices, reminders, and requests. Please take care of those with dispatch.

- Our next event is on Jan 26th. We already have hundreds of people registered, so please plan to be there if you are able. More information on where to sign up for coaching slots can be found in your shivtr account.

- Keep your eyes on the Boot Camp subforum. Announcements related to Boot Camp will be posted there.

Thanks to you all for making Boot Camp such a wonderful experience for so many people. I heard yet another report tonight about how much good Boot Camp is doing. It is an honor to serve alongside of you.

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