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magnumstar 01-16-2013 05:27 PM

1st Annual Valentines Day Defera Run
Its official, we're gonna have a run to Defera where we'll beam down and assemble at the ruins. We'll campout there for a couple days (Feb-14 to Feb -16) and have some events for folks to do. This is a KDF sponsored festival to promote awareness and pride in the KDF faction. Although this is a KDF event the Fed players will be invited to come observe and hang out with us. After all the blue side is where our player base will be coming from and this will give those who haven't made a KDF character a chance to meet us and get a good look at what we're all about.

We'll be the using U.S. Central time zone to coordinate the schedule. I did this because this way it won't be too early or too late for those living on the coasts. Those living outside the U.S. can do/start the Festival or events at the times posted that correspond with the time in their time zone.

Example: If an event is scheduled for 6pm US central time then those living outside the US will be doing the event at 6pm their time. This means you folks living outside the US will be running things independently, so you veteran KDF players outside the US will have to coordinate and take charge of things in your own time zones.


Feb-14 6pm US Central Time - The Run Begins - Everyone assembles in Omega Leonis. Once everyone is assembled we head for the Orellius Sector Block in one huge armada. Once there we beam down to Defera and gather at the Ruins.

 I'd like for the guys from G.O.S. and other KDF veterans that have fought for our faction to lead the armada. So if any of you folks are not busy I'd appreciate the help with this. I'll be in the back driving the crash wagon, I'm old now and don't care about riding point.

Feb-14 6:30pm to 7pm US Central Time ? Sector Block Starship Races ? A race from the Defera System to the S?hinga System and back. First one back to the Defera System wins.

 I?ll need some volunteers to judge the race. The judges will team with 4 people at a time (You can watch them and make sure no one cheats this way) and conduct the race. A 321 go will be used to start the race. Depending on how many show up and want to compete will determine the number of volunteers we will need so if you?re standing around not doing anything grab 4 people and team with them.

 Judges will assemble at the top of the starmap pyramid and competitors can assemble in front at the bottom of the stairs. Use tells to communicate with a judge you wish to race, if no judge is available then you?ll have to wait till one beams back down.

Feb-15 6pm to 6:30pm US Central Time ? Defera System Starship Race ? The race will be held in the Defera System and will be around the debris field that encircles the planet. Wherever the judge stops his ship will be the start and finish line, 1st one back to the judge wins.

 Again we will need volunteers to judge the races so feel free to pitch in and help out. The same teaming method to watch the contestants will be used for this race as well. Judges can be found at the top of the starmap pyramid.

Feb ?15 6:30pm to 7pm US Central Time ? PVE/STF matches ? Veterans will assemble at the top of the starmap Pyramid and anyone wishing to run an STF can communicate this to one of the Veterans. This is a perfect opportunity for those who haven?t completed a STF elite optional to do so. Veterans can communicate what you need to do to get the opt before zoning in.

 We will need some Veteran STF folks to volunteer for this so please help out if you?re
able to.

Feb-16 12pm to 12:30pm US Central Time ? Sector Block Shuttle/Fighter Race ? This is the same as the Starship Race, same rules/methods apply.

Feb-16 1pm to 1:30pm US Central Time ? Defera System Shuttle/Fighter Race ? This is exactly the same race as the Starship one with the same rules/methods.

Feb-16 2pm to 2:30pm US Central Time ? PVE/Fleet Action ? Veterans will be atop the starmap pyramid for anyone who wants to run a Fleet Action such as: The Big Dig, Breaking the Planet, Fed Minefiled, etc.

Feb-16 3pm to 3:30pm US Central Time ? PVP Matches ? Veterans will be available for players to team with and enjoy bouts of PVP action.

That?s the schedule as it stands so far, times for the festivities may change and events could be added so keep checking the forum for changes.

For this to work I?m gonna need folks to volunteer and help out so please feel free to jump in anywhere you maybe needed.

Another thing I will need help with is putting the word out so please notify your Fleets of this event.

jackswaggert 01-17-2013 03:05 AM

Looks like a lot of fun. I'll be spreading the word to my fleet mates about this.

tatyanasergei 01-17-2013 09:24 PM

This sounds awesome! I will definitely do my best to be there. :D

captainbmoney 01-18-2013 01:20 AM

I am interested in this.

questerius 01-18-2013 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by magnumstar (Post 7511941)

IMO it would be much more imposing when held on the Star Fleet Academy Grounds... the mighty Klingon Empire would have to conquer the puny Federation, but that will not be a problem.

magnumstar 01-18-2013 03:54 PM

I need a favor from the community. When you guys log in could you take a min to put it out over the zone chat that the KDF will be having a Defera Run Feb 14? I've been doing this myself, I take a few mins to spread the word then I go on about my business. If anyone has any questions just refer them to this forum post.

Also for those who wanted to know how this all came about, well it started with this post:

magnumstar 02-01-2013 03:51 PM

Just a post to remind folks of the 1st Annual Defera Run. Everyone polish your starships, put on your leather, and let's fly the KDF colors proudly for Valentines Day.

shpoks 02-01-2013 06:09 PM

This is a great idea! :) I'm all in on this one. :D
Thank you for taking the time & effort to organize such a thing. Looking forward for doing the run with all of you guys, I'll do my best to spred the word about this event.

Long live the Empire! Qapla'!

vitzh 02-04-2013 03:51 AM

Wait so Feds are coming? We using them to paint everything red with their blood? If so count me in!

magnumstar 02-06-2013 04:54 AM

You members of the Cryptic team, (Dev's, GM's, Dstahl), are invited to join us on the ride to Defera. I know you folks are gonna be busy with the upcoming season 8 but any of you who can make it are more than welcome. I appologize for the belated invitation.

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