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xmagnusonx 01-16-2013 09:26 PM

OMEGA Now Recruiting
Hello Captains,

OMEGA is now recruiting. We are a small fleet of casual players, mainly consisting of friends and co-workers. We're actively working on building our Starbase and Embassy and have a Tier 1 Starbase currently.

We're really focused on the casual gamer who still wants to be part of a fleet. Someone who's looking to contribute to and benefit from Starbase and Embassy access. We get together mostly for PvE, STF's and Feature Episode Runs.

We are happy and willing to help players level up their characters, whether you just need some advice or need a teammate to help out with missions. We have a fully stocked bank that fleet members are free to take from and contribute to. We may have few members, but they are all helpful and generous to other fleet members in need.

We're really looking for casual, mature players that are willing to contribute to the cause of a fully functioning Starbase and Embassy. We're not looking to use anyone or place a bunch of fleet/guild rules on you. We want to provide an environment that's both fun and productive/beneficial for casual players. We're a fun, easy going group, always willing to help. We won't burden you with mandatory meetings or fleet contribution requirements.

If you're interested in a no-demands, casual, helpful, mature fleet then let me know, we'd love to have you.

xmagnusonx 01-17-2013 10:03 AM

Oh, I should also mention that we are open to absorbing small, existing fleets. Since we currently have a Tier 1 starbase and are very near to a Tier 2, we are not looking to be absorbed. However if you have a small fleet that has made little to no progress on your starbase and/or embassy and you'd like to be part of a growing fleet with an operational starbase, then we would be happy to have you.

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