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trintrektron 01-17-2013 04:37 AM

Toggle Mouse Look / Waypoint
I wish the shooter mode worked better but frackly I just cant get the feel of it. As a compromise I use the toggle mouse look option to lock the mouse to the camera. I than have skill 1 and skill 2 bound to mouse button 1 and mouse button 2. So I can fire my weapon with the mouse and control the camera at the same time. This setup work well accept now I cant set waypoint for my away team. Even when I disengage the toggle mouse look and have the cursor displayed, when i activate the set way point option it puts the waypoint symbol on my cursor but I cant drop it any where. I dont know which key bind is used to drop the waypoint.

Any tips would be great.

PS to devs, Take a look at EU. they have successfully bridged the 1st person/3rd person gap.

PSS, I cant seem to subscribe to this thread, is there another way to follow it?

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