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fedman70 01-19-2013 01:41 PM

Binding ship power level changes to keys
Doesn't look like there is a command you can bind to a key, however I did find this in the wiki under


Q: I don't like having to select my power setting with my mouse every time I need to change settings. How can I bind the in-game presets to keys.

A: I have all my presets for Weapons, Shields, Engines and Balanced bound to my F9, F10, F11 and F12 keys, respectively. The my bindfile I have:

Power Presets
F9 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_1"
F10 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_2"
F11 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_3"
F12 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_4"

There is a more indepth method, fairly complex and confusing method using slider commands to tweak the power setting to exactly where you want them. If anyone wants to know more send me a PM and I'll help you out.

Note: It is fine to group similar keybinds together and give them a Title. The system will ignore the Title, in this case Power Presets, and continue loading the binds.
I'm not sure what the command "statpreset_load" does, it has no comment listed when I press /cmdlist, and it doesn't say who exactly to PM. Where is the post keybinds for dummies? I think it used to be in this forum, isn't anymore.

Also, what is the command for Fire all beams, I found fire all phasers, maybe it's a type, your beam weapons aren't all necessarily phasers.

fedman70 01-19-2013 06:53 PM

I can manually set each one, by clicking on the keyboard map, but I want to make it part of my bind file.

asphe 01-20-2013 04:11 AM

Look at your HUD, the presets from left to right are presets 1, 2, 3, 4

"StatsPreset_Load Preset_1" - attack
"StatsPreset_Load Preset_2" - defence
"StatsPreset_Load Preset_3" - engines
"StatsPreset_Load Preset_4" - balance

You know you can just set this ingame, in Options. Then save ALL current keybinds to a file with |/bind_save_file <filename>.txt| Use DefaultGround.Txt or DefaultSpace.Txt to have it 'default' for every new captain.

You can then edit the file later to improve clarity, add remarks or whatever. I'd suggest making aliases for loading various keybind files.

bones1970 01-20-2013 04:52 AM

Numpad1 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_0"
Numpad2 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_1"
Numpad3 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_2"
Numpad4 "genbuttonclick powerlevel_preset_3"

This is what i use.

fedman70 01-27-2013 09:48 PM

And, what about the command for fire all beams?

asphe 01-29-2013 01:04 AM

You mean... the SPACEBAR? Again, you can change this in Options. Surely, you've looked at that by now.

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