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bertiewooster 01-20-2013 12:34 PM

Sci Build for PVP advice
A while ago I posted a sci vessel build for STFs. It worked decently, but wasn't the best. I've since then made improvements and adapted it for PVP.

Ship: Mirror DSSV. I chose this because it had the extra engineering slot but had the turn rate of the RSV.


Eng: EPtS I

Doffs are a mess right now, I need to get at least 2 shield distribution officers for starters. Any suggestions for what Doffs to get for this would be welcome.

Fore weapons: 1x Tetryon Dual Beam Bank MKXII, 2x Plasma Torp MKXI
Aft: 2x Tetryon Turrets MKXI, 1x Plasma Mine Launcher MKXI

Devices: Shield Batt, Engine Batt, and I'm going to get a Subspace Modulator

Shields: MK XII Regenerative, until I get some borg shields
Engines: MACO Mk X (managed to get these before the rep system went into effect)
Deflector: Polarized Parabolic (gonna switch this for something that improves particle generators)


Eng: RCS Accelerator (not really necessary with the already high turn rate, probably gonna ditch it), Assimilated Module, Neutronium Mk XI
Sci: 1x Shield Emitter Amplifier, 1x Particle Generator MKXII (green), 2x Particle Generator MKXI (very rare)
Tac: 2x Anibiplasma Envelope

This build is all about dealing damage directly to the hull. It needs work but it's been performing well so far. I've been putting it through its paces in Kerr'at and PVP matches, and it's been doing pretty well all things considered. It's a great BoP and Raptor killer. When one decloaks, I subnuke them, hit TBR, FBP, Sensor Scan, APD, THY, and let loose some plasma torpedoes. This usually results in taking a big chunk out of their hull, with their shields still up. It's fun to watch them go after me, because it essentially turns into "stop hitting yourself!" with FBP. This build doesn't kill things quickly, but it does kill them. I use TBR to keep people off of me, since cannons especially benefit from closer range. It even pushes back BoPs from me while they're still cloaked. I chose plasma torpedoes for the plasma burn, and even though HE can clear that I've found that most BoPs and Raptors don't have/use it, or if they do, I just hit them again and it comes right back. I'm trying to build this so that it primarily does damage through sci abilities rather than weapons themselves, and so far it's been working pretty well with that philosophy. I was inspired to do it this way while I was playing as my Klingon?I was in Ker'rat and encountered an RSV. I thought to my self "well this should be easy, most RSVs are made of glass" so I decloaked and hit him with everything I had. I died. FBP, GW, TBR, Subnuke, Plasma torps, all of the damage went directly to my hull and killed me while my shields were still pretty much full. I'm pretty sure he didn't even have beams on it, or if he did he never fired them. I realized that it worked because most escorts/raiders rely on shield tanking. I decided to try to mimic this build on my sci captain, and it's been great.

There are only two problems: 1. It's not the greatest at staying alive. In order for this build to work, I need to be able to outlast my opponent. 1 on 1 this usually works but if I get 3 or more on me I'm toast. 2. My spec is all wrong. I'm going to fix that soon though and do something like this:

Any thoughts/advice on how I can make this better? I'd like to improve damage output and tanking, with the latter being most important.

burstorion 01-20-2013 12:44 PM

Err, thats the mirror RSV, not DSSV (RSV/DSSV boff layouts are switched)

Beyond that...its an intresting build, although I'd go tac team1 and hy2 as tac team basically helps fend off dhc/escort type runs (in essence, your hit shield side has 4x the hp than normal for ten secs)

hyprodimus 01-20-2013 12:59 PM

Tac Team is a must. FBP doesnt help your team at all. Smart players will just switch targets. As a science ship, its almost your responsibility to carry some high level heals like TSS III. Just like as an escort its your responsibility to be are running DHC since.

GW II should be a III if you can train it (or get a friend to). IMHO Plasma doesnt do a whole lot, plus its DoT, plus it can be cleared by the borg set and HE. If you want to deal hull damage use transphasic. Get the Breen Torp/Mine launcher for spike damage and rapid fires (used with doffs) for sustained damage.

Id go with a APB myself, but THY is still viable. Just make sure you do have that Tactical Team I.

If you are going to the transphasics, use a max Aux setting which will increase you heals and increase the GW damage.

Have the beam array at the back and 3 rapid fire torps up front. So when you want to use subsystem targeting, all you need to do is bank a little bit.

You spec could do with some tweaking.

Im not going to go into every detail. You had a lot of "expensive" skills that dont give you a whole lot in return. For instance Energy weapon specialization, and the warp core skills. The warp core skills and Performance skills only give 1 more power after 6 ranks. With those saved points, you could put the points in threat control (for the armor) and projectiles since you are using torpedoes.

If you wanted more PvP advice, you might want to post in the PvP forums :)

jadensecura 01-20-2013 01:18 PM

Actually it is the Mirror DSSV, which has the DSSV boff layout and the RSV hull. No comments on the build, except to get GW3 instead of 2 as soon as possible. For the spec though, there are a lot of ways to improve.

First, drop all your power boosting skills to 6, the last 3 levels don't do much, you can use this calculator to find all the details:

With the skill points you save you can max Weapons Training and Shield Emitters, and maybe Maneuvers, Targeting Systems, and/or Projectile Weapons. And then there's always Auxiliary Performance. You could also think about reducing your points in Subspace Decompiler, freeing up more for elsewhere.

wolfpack12c 01-20-2013 01:49 PM

Okay first sci ships are not healers they are the debuffer. You need heavy debuffs look into using VM with phaser or ES with pol/poldesrupt. Your main goal should be to knock you tgt offline so an escort can come and kill that little whinny floater. Try to keep all your sci ablitys as holds or shutdowns and your Eng ablitys as heals. And tacs as something that Will work off your doffs. (If using subnuke doff use single cannons and turts with RF) a sci capt is built around the doffs and what your expecting to run against and with. Always remember you set the tied of the battle

burstorion 01-20-2013 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by jadensecura (Post 7564741)
Actually it is the Mirror DSSV, which has the DSSV boff layout and the RSV hull. bad, I was sure the mirror rsv had the dssv hull and boff setup - still, I admit my mistake

Carry on.

vetteguy904 01-20-2013 03:18 PM

with a DBB i would go TT1 and BOL2 for the tac station

bertiewooster 01-21-2013 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by wolfpack12c (Post 7565081)
Your main goal should be to knock you tgt offline so an escort can come and kill that little whinny floater

Yes. Once I figured out that playing sci is not about being the primary damage dealer my experience got 100% better and now things are actually starting to work. That being said, I'm gonna try to add more debuffs to my ship. I had TT in there at one point and I've found I can't live without it so I'm going to put it back, too. I'm gonna experiment with more weapons layouts too.

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