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ikuruyo 01-21-2013 03:53 AM

"The Big Dig" tents are backwards...
I'm not sure how no one has noticed this till now but the tents set up at the area you first beam into are backward. The tent entrances are all facing walls or away from the middle area.

I never realized that there were actually tables and chairs set up inside them until i was jumping around up there and noticed the entrance on the far side. I then checked the others and found that they too hand entrances. One is facing the wall with about 2 feet of clearance. I can't imagine trying to actually use the tents but they are there.

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed that the entrances are all at the wrong end of the tents. I mean, there are tables with artifacts and tools on them surrounded by chairs in them but no one would ever know.

Unless there is some saurian custom about having the tent entrances face walls and cargo boxes..

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