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emoejoe 01-21-2013 03:57 AM

i give in: grind me up
cant stay away. i blame pandas for incomplete migration to mwo.....

so thats it. got to stay competitive. someone who knows my style... what should i be grinding toward nowadays?

and how again? someone hit me a 'must have pvp grind roadmap' plz thanks

if u dont know my playstyle u prolly dont know jack about this game anyway

emoejoe 01-21-2013 05:51 AM

no help? all i got in opvp chat was get a rommy bo, but my fleet doesnt have embassy tier 1. so theres no mission or anything to do just the fleet projects?

jivedutch 01-21-2013 06:35 AM

Maybee give a little more info then just "your style" and not expect an answer within a few hours on a sunday ???

Don't know jack, is he fun to play with ??

dalnar83 01-21-2013 06:57 AM

His style is:

5% to make an incredible powerful and awesome "one-shot" kill out of cloak and kill you below 3 seconds,

95% die horribly

beary666sto 01-21-2013 07:01 AM

Ok Mini,

Romulan Passives:
Tier 1: Ground Crit Chance
Tier 2: Space Crit Chance
Tier 3: probably shield Heal
Tier 4: for your style, the on crit placate

Omega Passives
Tier 1: GRound Damage
Tier 2: Space Damage
Tier 3: Rotating Weapon Freq
Tier 4: This one is a toss up between 2.5% chance for extra bleedthrough, or a boost to shield regen

Weapons that might interest you:
Omega Torp
I think its builds up 1 charge every 6 secs, to a max of 6 charges. The nifty thing is, you can fire all 6 charges pretty much at once. With a HYT it makes a plasma bolt with a **** ton of HP for a torp. Drunk will tell you it's amazing, I haven't gotten to try it yet.

zarathos1978 01-21-2013 07:02 AM

Emo is just an "I'm old PvPer, hur hur, respect me". Forget about it.

devorasx 01-21-2013 07:13 AM

awwwww... welcome back mini ^^

redricky 01-21-2013 07:47 AM

Rommie marks is epohhs. Yeah I know. Not only is it not PvP, it's not even fighting. The only thing I'd add to that guide is that you want to try for crits on the the duty officer missions, not success. At least that's what I do. After a while you should have a few epohhs in different stages and the marks will roll in a few hundred at a time.

There's an entire zone on New Romulus devoted to classic "Kill 10 of x, collect 50 of y" turn in missions, but those make my eyes bleed. The zone is very pretty with some easter eggs though, and worth wandering around in. Each Romulan tier will unlock a mission in the zone too. On elite they have been some of the toughest ground PvE I've ever done. If you do the optionals in the final tier 5 one apparently there's an awesome payout too. The whole sector, Tau Dewa, has planets with missions that contribute to a romulan marks daily, but most of those make my eyes bleed too after enough repetitions. There's a red alert daily that pops up in sector that's totally worth it, but it's buggy and hard to catch one that isn't already complete when you zone in. It's dumb, but there's a radiation mini-game on the ground on New Romulus that I don't hate. It's mindless, but there's a multiplier that ticks like dilithium mining that somehow feeds the same thing in me that skee ball does and it feels like the turn in for that is faster than the collect 10 random things some scientist wants.

I still just do ESTFs for Omega marks, KSE and ISE still being easy to compensate for crummy pug mates. IDK if there's a better way for those.

After that it's just down to choices on what to pick when you level up the rep and what you buy. For your style, and most people's, I think you'll want the romulan console that boosts crit for sure. Currently you can get the old borg assimilated console, the romulan console, the temporal console from the lobi store, and reputation passives to boost crit chance.

Like beary mentioned, the Omega Torpedo might be something you like to replace your trics, it hits like a tric but de-rezzes a target tron style when it makes a kill, and leaves a plasma burn that could potentially finish somebody off.

Then there's the embassy. IDK what Xtreme has unlocked because only my KDF Eng is in which I never play. It's basically another starbase tree with two paths, one for science consoles and one for boffs/doffs. You can get science consoles that either boost or reduce threat in PvE, but they also come in 3 flavors, a hull heal, a shield heal, and add a plasma dot (+dmg if you're using plasma weapons). You can also get romulan boffs that have crit traits, but IDK how functional they are, I'm sure somebody will be posting about them soon. If they stack I think you could be flying around with passive crit chance in the 20% range, like pre-APA, which is nuts. We'll see I guess.

To be honest, I kind of rebelled against the grind and have been playing a BoP alpha striker modeled after Thissler that has zero rep gear. I've been leveling his Omega because he had the conversion box but that's about it. He still gets kills, even with no set gear and blue kit. Although my geared KDF tac with tier 4 rep would get more because of his crit rating...

Grind also includes Fleet Marks these days, the foundry daily is still a good way to go, IMO, because it's expertise, dil, and fleet marks. My old toons have a few million expertise but the ones I made to test a concept are frequently starved for expertise. Some of the foundry missions are real labors of love, and the Battle Royale missions are fun because it's like PvE boss fights. You zone in with like a Borg Cube, a D'Deridex, and a Kar'fi all fighting each other and you, and the factions change each round. It's not like the old "click a rock 3 times" daily missions because Cryptic watches stuff for the completions over time and if it's too fast it won't qualify for the daily anymore.

I don't have maxxed doff tiers, but once you do that you can doff for fleet marks too.

The starbase grind is as important, if not more so, than the personal one. There's a fleet shield that just got justifiably reduced in effectiveness, I won't say nerfed because it was so hilariously effective, and only fleets with a high level science tier have access to it (and it's still a really good shield). There's the fleet Norgh (Ning'tao it's actually called I think), which I'm actually considering buying, which has a shuttle's hull and shields but Cmdr, LtCx2, and Ens. You can bring more pain and it will actually be easier to trico yourself!

Honestly brother, I've gotten fed up at times with the grind, but STO just keeps me coming back. Watching you on decloaking runs have always been some of my favorite moments in this game so I'm glad the cruel mistress that is STO has sucked you back in.

For those who don't know, I'll paraphrase a quote somebody had as a sig for a while: his style is like D&D, he rolls total success or absolute disaster. zarathos, whatever dude, Mini has a style that he's stuck to and is his own man. I'm all over the place, rolling alts and trying out whatever build catches my eye. I can respect somebody who does what they love, especially when it carries such a high probability for self-immolation.

p2wsucks 01-21-2013 07:48 AM

Iirc you like using PSW. There are 2 types of Doffs that enhance PSW: 1 is the cooldown, the other has to a chance to chain react multiple PSWs.

Also, Tech Doffs w/aux2batt maybe something you want to look into for 30% reduction of Boff powers or dual aux2batt for even more. It's best to use w/EPTA since they don't share a cooldown. It can be heavy micro and take time to work out combos et al.

Not sure if you were a lifer or where you are in terms of 1000 day reward, but KDF Vet ship is very nice.

Lobi store has Tach mines for shield stripping which may go well w/tric bombing. These are a matter of contention.

Tric Mines w/dispersal patterns are a matter of contention.

Get at least Tier 2 of rep system.

Advanced Fleet options have best engines in the game imo, better than Elite Fleet engine options.

Elite shields and Deflectors are best in the game. But using Fleet gear means you miss out on STF et al set bonuses.

There's a romulan rep item that gives CritH bonus.

There's romulan Boffs that give CritH bonus.

There's a Doff that drains engine power when using TBR.

Plas leech gain is always OP for it's gain (assuming you didn't have access to that before).

Fleet Torkaht can be nasty, though not quite in your playstyle you may find it fun to try out.

You'd probably like the Fleet Raider w/2x Lt Commander slots best though. See Thissler videos on this. Weakest non-shuttle tier ship in the game, has a bc.

Oh, KDF has access to AMS now. Probably something you want in your inventory and was cheap off the exchange for KDF last I checked (though it's been awhile). I use mine as a spite counter to someone using AMS on me.

houseofcritz 01-21-2013 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by emoejoe (Post 7570961)
cant stay away. i blame pandas for incomplete migration to mwo.....

so thats it. got to stay competitive. someone who knows my style... what should i be grinding toward nowadays?

and how again? someone hit me a 'must have pvp grind roadmap' plz thanks

if u dont know my playstyle u prolly dont know jack about this game anyway

This is very Disappointing!

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