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chalpen 01-21-2013 02:04 PM

T5 Omega loot
When one of my characters made it to T5, i didn't get the Dilithium/EC/Omega mark bundle that I did with my other characters.
What should I do to make sure this character gets it?

mbp101287 01-21-2013 03:58 PM

Mine took a while to randomly show up. Try loading a different map, logging in/out, swapping chars, etc.

chalpen 01-22-2013 05:12 AM

I leveled Friday . Must have logged in/ changed maps a few dozen times by now. This is the only character I have this problem.
What process should I go through to get this resolved?

mbp101287 01-22-2013 11:11 PM

Hmm if you haven't already, I guess file a bug report.

chalpen 01-23-2013 05:30 AM

There was a thread that I didn't see until yesterday about this.
The trick is to cash in some omega tokens for dilithium. That seems to reset it.
So the issue is now resolved :)

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