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khrisstian1986 01-21-2013 02:54 PM

Ravens Legacy
Like Role Play?

Build a second career outside of the Starfleet Academy and advance through the ranks of Ravens Legacy.

We are currently recruiting members to our ranks, New and Vet alike. With a varied range of experienced officers within. Any smaller Fleets looking to merge are also welcome.

There are not any real rules in the Fleet, just - Have fun, and turn up to Fleet Mark & Teamed Events when needed. But we all understand, there is that real world out there, so we wont bite when you can't attend that one event.

There is a fully maintained website filled with a knowledge base that is ever expanding, latest STO News and more, check us out 'CLICK HERE'. Also to add, we have a fully Live Team Speak 3 Server for use.

We are also looking for KDF or other FED Allies to meet up with on a monthly basis for sparring PvP sessions. Like the sounds of this? Send me a message and lets talk. Khrisstian@Khrisstian


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