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gbehlpnu2012 01-21-2013 05:13 PM

RESPEC - Reputation powers don't reset
So I've been playing around with my specs...I did a respec about a month+1/2 ago...and I was able to reselect my Reputation powers for Omega and Romulan. I just did another respec and this time it didn't allow me to change them.

The difference I believe is that the 1st time I did it, I pushed "reset" to wipe them out and the 2nd time I respec'd I changed values but didn't wipe everything out. Either way shouldn't we be allowed to change the reputation screen also? Currently you can't switch between screens to change the reputation anyways without voiding all your spec changes...

P.S. I want my respec token back. Thanks.


verlaine11 01-21-2013 05:17 PM

Your right, if you dont wipe them entirely the Rep passives wont reset.

So to repick you have to start from scratch entirely, would be nice to have the rep screen up as well as the normal respec as ive had to respec while they were messing around with the tier 4 shield passive.

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